Visa Validity KSA for Pakistani Citizens

Visa Validity KSA for Pakistani Citizens

Assalamualikum everyone, hope you will be safe and sound. This article is especially about the Pakistani citizens living in Saudi Arabia. Recently, new rules have been introduced by Saudi Government regarding foreigners living in KSA. Change in visa policy have also been introduced as well. Therefore, in order to check out visa validity KSA for Pakistani citizens, we have researched an easy way. By these steps, you can check out either your visa is valid or not.

Visa Validity KSA for Pakistani Citizens

In order to check the validity of your visa in Saudi Arabia, you will need to visit the official website of KSA government.

Click Here to Check the Validity of your Stay in KSA

  • At the website, you will need to enter the details on the main screen as shown in the image below.

Visa Validity KSA for Pakistani Citizens

  • After that in the first option select “Iqama Number” and in the second select “Date of Birth

check visa of Saudi Arabia

  • Now click on the “Check” button and it will display your visa validity.

If your family from Pakistan has come to visit you in Saudi Arabia, then they will normally get a visit of 90 days. However, you can also extend their stay in KSA. You can extend the visit either 7 days before the visa expires or 3 days after it expires. The visa extension fee for KSA is around 100 Saudi Riyal.

Finally, this how you can check the Visa Validity of Saudi Arabia being a Pakistani citizen. However, sometimes the website does not work due to heavy traffic. If you get an error using the options we have selected, then you can choose other alternatives as well.

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