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British Island with Visa-Free Entry for Pakistani Citizens – [Complete Guide]

From the past few months, Pakistani passport is getting its grace back slowly. We have previously written an article on visa free countries for Pakistan that you may check as well. However, in this article, we have something very amazing and new for you. We will talk about a country that offers Visa-free entry for Pakistani citizens. Furthermore, this county offers Temporary and Permanent visa. On top of it, you can also apply for a passport in this country as well.

British Island with Visa-Free Entry for Pakistani Citizens

Montserrat is a very beautiful country that falls under the Birtish Kingdom. All the governmental decisions and laws in this country are made by the British government.

Montserrat is a small Carribean Island near to South America. The nearby Islands to Montserrat are Haiti and Saint Dominica which also can be travelled without any visa. The official language of Montserrat is English. The currency of Montserrat is East Carribean Dollar which is equivalent to 55 Pakistani Rupees.

The passport of this country is so powerful that it allows you to travel 177 countries in the world without any visa. USA, Canada, Australia, UK and many more powerful countries can be travelled visa-free on Montserrat passport.

In this article, we will talk about

  • How you can travel to Montserrat from Pakistan without any visa
  • How you can get temporary or permanent residency that leads to Montserrat passport.

How to visit Montserrat from Pakistan?

In order to visit Montserrat, you do not need any visa from Pakistan. Montserrat allows 30 to 90 days visa-free entry to Pakistani citizens.

There are two ways to visit Montserrat from Pakistan, via the USA or via any South American country. From the USA, you will need a transit visa.

We advise you to take a flight from Pakistan to South America like Brazil etc. From there you can take another connecting flight to Trinidad and Tobago which is also visa-free for Pakistanis. From Trinidad and Tobago, you will fly to Domenica and finally Montserrat.  

Note: You do not need any transit visa to stay at Brazil Airport if you are visiting any visa-free country for Pakistan. You will need to book the tickets in Advance for your travel to Montserrat. Another thing is that travelling to Montserrat will cost you around 300,000 Pakistani Rupees for a single way ticket.

How you can get temporary or permanent residency of Montserrat?

Once you are in Montserrat, you can apply for Temporary Residency by investing in property or depositing your money in the bank. The investment you will make must be equivalent to $150,000 USD as specified by the Montserrat government. After 8 years, you will be eligible for PR of Montserrat.

Finally, we advise you to visit this Island just for travel and tourism purpose only. Montserrat offers visa-free entry to Pakistani citizens. For further more details, leave a comment

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