How to Apply for Vietnam Visit Visa from Pakistan

Vietnam is a beautiful country with dense forests and scenic landscapes. This makes Vietnam one of the most attractive tourist destinations across the globe. Today we will let you know how to apply for Vietnam visit visa from Pakistan.

Vietnam Visit Visa from Pakistan

So, the process of applying a visit visa to Vietnam from Pakistan is simple and easy. There are mainly two ways to apply the visa of Vietnam

  • First is to visit the Embassy of Vietnam in Islamabad and submit the following documents along with your visa application. However, you will need the visa approval letter in this case which is provided by someone living in Vietnam or tourist agency.
  • Second and the most easiest way is to apply for the Vietnam visa online. You can get your visa by clicking at the link HERE. After this simply fill the online form and wait for 24 hours to get your visa. By this process, you get your visa approval letter instantly by paying the visa fee. All you need is to travel with your visa approval letter to Vietnam

Vietnam visa from Pakistan

Supporting Documents Needed For Pakistani Citizens

  • Valid Pakistani Passport
  • Must have $2000 along with you while travelling to Vietnam

At Vietnam airport, you will need to pay $25 for stamping your visa. Overall, you will need to spend around $110 for visa approval letter online and $25 for the on-arrival visa.

Finally, getting the visa of Vietnam is easy on Pakistani passport. However, the only bad side about it is getting a visa approval letter which is a bit expensive. If you have any queries about the Vietnam visit visa from Pakistan, let us know in the comments section.

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