Work visa of UK for pakistani 2019

UK Work Visa for Pakistani Citizens 2019 | No Job Offer Required

Finally, the newly formed  British Government in the UK has set new rules and policies regarding immigration for foreigners. New Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson has proposed a new immigration policy for foreigners with skills. Now, UK work visa from Pakistan without any sponsor letter will be possible in the coming time.

UK Work Visa for Pakistani Citizens

In the last week, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a new plan to apply immigration of UK. In this plan, people from all over the world with skills in health, science, and technology will be welcomed in the UK.

According to the new immigration policy, “There will be no further need to get a sponsor letter or job offer letter from the employer in the UK anymore”

In the previous government, there was a small quota of 100,000 immigrants from all over the world. However, the new government has expressed that the UK needs more talent, so all such quotas will no more exist in the future.

UK work visa for pakistani

On top of it, the UK has decided to apply the point-based immigration system as like Australia to invite applicants from all over the world. According to this plan, people with technical skills will have a great chance to apply for immigration to the UK.

Why the UK has proposed a new immigration plan?

The main re

The only reason that the UK has introduced the new immigration plan without any sponsor letter is that after Brexit, there will be a shortage of skilled labor in the UK. So such a scheme will help the UK to overcome the shortage of labour in the market. People from countries like Pakistan will have a great opportunity to apply under this scheme.

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