UK Farm Worker Visa Opening Soon For Pakistani’s

We have talked about UK Farm Worker Visa From Pakistan before in one of our articles. However, at that time the dates regarding the opening of Farmworker visa in the UK was unknown. In this article, we will discuss the dates and procedures regarding this new visa scheme of UK for non-EU Citizens.

UK Farm Worker Visa in 2019

In the current year, UK had faced a shortage of labor in the agriculture sector. The reason behind is the new policies set by the UK government regarding working rights. According to the new policy, EU Citizens cannot work anymore in agriculture sector. Therefore, the UK government is going to welcome Non-European citizens to apply for the work visa of UK.

Uk farm worker visa

Home Secretary of UK Sajid Javed has prepared the plan for this new visa scheme. According to the new plan, Pakistanis, Indians, Nepalis, Afghanis, will be able to apply for farm worker visa of UK under the category Tier 5.

UK government is going to announce the application date of UK farm worker visa somewhere between March 2019 to May 2019.

Farm Worker Visa UK Requirements

The requirements for the agriculture work visa of UK are below

  • Basic Education (Matriculation)
  • Normal IELTS score (4.5 to 5.0) in (General Module)
  • Certificate of sponsorship from 2 recognized institutes in the UK (Announced Later in March)

Caution: Please do not give any money to consultants or agents to get sponsorship. As you can get the sponsorship for free from the institutes announced by the UK government later in March. 

What is the duration of UK Farm Worker Visa?

The duration of the visa is 6 months and it cannot be extended.

Can you invite your family to the UK on a farm worker visa?

No, you cannot invite your family.

Tips to get agriculture visa of UK

As you know this visa will be based on your agricultural skills. So it is important that you should know about the latest agriculture techniques used for Harvesting, Plowing, etc. Moreover, you should have a bit knowledge about farming of Apples and Berries. Last but now least, start preparing for IELTS (General) from now on.

Finally, this is was bit information about UK farm worker visa in 2019. We will let you know how to apply for the visa, once the date is announced on the Official Website of UK Immigration. For furthermore info, please leave a comment below.





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