UK citizenship through investment

How to get UK citizenship Through Investment in 2019

Today we will discuss how you can get UK citizenship through investment in the business sector. We will elaborate some of the UK investor visa investment options in detail. Getting the nationality of UK through investing in a business is one of the easy ways of all. The UK entrepreneur visa allows you to invest £50,000 to get eligible for the immigration to the UK.

UK citizenship Through Investment in 2019

We will discuss the key documents you will need to apply UK investor  visa under £50,000. Now having £50,000 does not means that you have this amount in your account through selling property.

3 Sources of Funds for UK citizenship by investment

The money you will invest in UK must be from

  • Venture Capital
  • Seed Funding Competition
  • UK government department


  • If the money is from Venture Capital, then you will need to provide the name and registration number of that venture capital firm listed with the financial conduct authority. And you need the funding agreement as well.
  • If money is from the seed funding competition, then you will need the competition listed by DTI
  • Lastly, if £50,000 is from a UK department, then you will need a confirmation that UK department is providing funds to your business. Moreover, you will need to show the evidence that funds are transferred and you have possession of those funds.

However, the only downside to this type of method is that you must be in UK before you apply for under £50,000 investor visa.

Requirements of UK Entrepreneur Visa From Pakistan

For Pakistani citizens living in Pakistan, policies are a bit different. You will need to invest a minimum of £200,000 in UK. Moreover, this amount must be maintained in your account for at least 90 days.

IF you don’t have money in your own account, then you can also show money from your friend or relative account as well.

UK Investor Visa Investment Options

Moreover, you must show a minimum of £3300 in your own personal account from Pakistan. This amount must be owned by you and not by your friends or relative. If you are planning to travel UK through investment visa with your family, then your each family member must show the same fund in their accounts as well.

UK citizenship through investment

UK Investor Visa Benefits

Below are some of the benefits of UK citizenship through investment

  • Medical benefits for investor and family
  • Free education up to High School for children

Most Important Factors in Getting UK Investor Visa

Please consider the following factors are the most important

  • You must present a well-defined business plan when applying for a UK Entrepreneur visa. It will be better to make a business plan for a business of which you have a good knowledge.
  • A minimum of IELTS 5.5 score in GENERAL Category

How to get Nationality fast through UK Investor Visa

You get a minimum of 3.5 years visa from Pakistan. Once you are there, you must register your business in the first six months. After that, you should start your business and employ a minimum of 2 UK nationals in your business. By doing so, you will get a visa extension of 2 years leading to indefinite after a total of 5 years in the UK.

After 2 years of getting indefinite, you are eligible to apply for the Passport of UK.

Finally, this is how you can get UK citizenship through investment. In the coming article, we will let you know how to apply your UK investor visa application. If you have any problems, let us know in the comments.

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  1. I am an practicing Advocate. I want to apply on Investment Visa Tier 1 For UK. I need a Good and reliable Consultant in Karachi Pakistan for applying UK Tier 1 UK Visa. Plz suggest any one.

    • We generally do not recommend visiting any consultants as we encourage you to prepare your own visa file. However, the only one we trust are HR consultants in Karachi for guidance.

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  3. I have a valid ten years UK multiple visit visa upto 2023 and visited UK many times.I read your option of investment visa with having worth 50 thousand pounds.
    I want to invest this amount
    Please tell me the details
    Thanks and Regards

  4. Dear Sir, as per the third article which is as below. I’m receiving over £150,000 Funds in one Financial year against export of sports goods so am i eligible to get visa.

    Lastly, if £50,000 is from a UK department, then you will need a confirmation that UK department is providing funds to your business. Moreover, you will need to show the evidence that funds are transferred and you have possession of those funds.


  5. Hi how are you my name is Iqbal mustansar living in Spain permanent resident holder application for work permit UK and Ireland and Germany and USA Canada and Australia


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