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UAE Tourist Visa from Pakistan with New Rules 2018

From a very long time, it was getting a bit difficult for Pakistanis to get UAE tourist visa from Pakistan. Tourist visa of UAE is an easy way to apply for jobs. Recently, the UAE has announced the new rules which will benefit citizens of Pakistan to apply for UAE tourist visa.

UAE Tourist Visa New Rules 2018

There are new rules introduced for the visitors. Below we will highlight some of those rules

UAE tourist visa from Pakistan

  • If you are travelling to UAE with your children with an age less than 18 years, you don’t need to apply for their visa. However, this rule will only apply for the summer season only. You don’t need to apply for the visit visa of your family members below the age of 18, from 15 July to 15 September. This rule will be eligible every year for the prescribed dates.
  • You don’t need to pay any transit visa fee if you want to stay for 48 hours in UAE. However, if you want to extend your stay up to 96 hours then you must pay 50 Dirham fee
  • People living in UAE with no visa or overstay can leave any time from UAE. No deportation stamp will be pasted on their passports. Moreover, they can apply for 6 months visa while staying in UAE as well.

Finally, these are some new rules regarding the UAE visa from Pakistan. If you want to know more about the rules, you  can let us know in the comment section.

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