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Turkey has Announced to Sell Passport to Pakistani Citizens

As you know that developed countries always try to strengthen their economies by running investment programs. In return of these investment programs, these countries offer Passport or PR to the person who applies for investment. Recently, Turkey has announced to sell Passport in return of investment.

The government of Turkey has Announced to Sell Passport

Turkey is the World’s 16th ranked country in terms of highest GDP. Turkey is a well-developed country with rules and regulations like European countries. If we talk about safety, security, and business in Turkey, then it is nearly the same as European countries as well.

Turkey has announced to sell passport

Benefits of Having a Turkish Passport

If we talk about the benefits of having a Turkish passport, then it is ranked among developed countries in the world.

  • On a Turkish passport, you can travel to 113 countries without a visa. South Korea and Japan are also in the list of visa-free countries for Turkey.

How to get Passport of Turkey by Investing?

Recently, the economy of Turkey has gone down due to Trade cut-down with the USA. In order to overcome the economic crisis, the Turkish Government has announced the FOREIGN INVESTMENT PROGRAM IN TURKEY. According to this program, you can get Turkish Nationality,

  • If you invest to fix the capital amount of $500,000 or an equivalent amount to Turkish Lira.
  • OR Second way is to buy a property inTurkey worth a minimum of $250,000 or equivalent Turkish Lira
  • The third way is if you are a businessman and establish a company in Turkey that provides job to 50 people in Turkey.

Once you have invested your amount in Turkey, you cannot withdraw the amount before 3 years. After three years, you can withdraw the amount and invest in any business or country you want. You can visit the Official Website of the Turkish Government to know how to make an application regarding investment. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section.

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