Government Training and Paid work in Canada

Government Training and Paid work in Canada 2019

Finally we have got a solution for people who have low education and want to go to Canada. Day by day Canada is providing opportunity to people who have skills as they are short of labor. But what if you dont have skills? Do not worry as you will get training and paid work in Canada from now on. In this article we are going to talk about the Red Seal Trades in Canada.

What is Red Seal Trade?

Red Seal Trade includes the labor skilled works like, Electrician and related jobs. Now these are the jobs that might be considered nothing but in Canada they worth $$$$$. Moreover, the Red Seal Trade refers to professional and skilled jobs that are highly demanded in Canada.

How you can get training and paid work in Canada?

In this program, you don’t have to spend a lot of money from your side as your employer will take care of tuition fee during training. You will be given on-job training at initial level without any qualification or experience.
During the training, your Canadian employer will provide you 40 Hours of contract. During the first 18 to 20 hours they let you learn the skill and other 20 hours you are sent to technical college to learn as well.
Your Employer pays you for the first 20 hours you work with him/her.

How to Apply for Paid Training Program in Canada

To apply for the government paid training program in Canada, you must first visit the Official Website of Canadian Government.

Once you are on the website move on to the “Jobs” section in the menu as shown in the image below and click on “Training”. Please use the desktop or laptop PC to open the site as it is difficult to navigate through your smartphone.

On the Training page, you will need to click on the “Support for Apprentices” as show in image. On the next page click on “How to become an Apprentice”
Now on the very next page, you will see 7 Step Process on how to become an apprentice as show below in the image.

government training and paid work in canada

Step 1 Find the Trade

Now finding the trade means you have to select our area of interest like Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber, etc. If you click on “Find a Red Seal Trade” you will find a lot of opportunities in your area of interest.
The Red Seal trade allows you to learn the skill and afterwards work in Canada.

Step 2 Find the Apprentice Opportunity in Canada

For example, you have chose to become “Plumber in Canada”. The next step is now to find if there are opportunities available in Canada regarding your interest.

Step 3 Find an Employer

For no experience paid training jobs in Canada, you will need to find an employer. Finding an employer is the most crucial step to get paid training in Canada. To find an employer, move back to Step 2 and Click on “Apprentice Opportunities”.
You will see a search bar as shown in the picture below. Just type Apprentice + Your interest. For example, we have typed Apprentice Plumber and got 64 results show below

onjob training in Canada

Just select the one you want and click on the “View Full Postings” as show in the image. Just view the job details and contact the employer through the email on the right side of that page.

no experience jobs in canada
Step 4 Register your Agreement in Canada

Once you have found your employer, it is the time to register your agreement. Your province in which you are applying and your employer both will help you in registering your contract for training and paid work in Canada.

Step 5 Get Financial Aid or Grants

For example, you found an employer who is willing to give you apprenticeship but no fee to learn. Then you can apply through step 5 for grants related to your study, food, accomodation, etc.

Step 6 Earning while learning

You will need to complete between 2 to 5 years or training in Canada before you become a certified professional. However, you still get paid up to $20 to $35 per hour while you are learning and training in Canada.

Step 7 Get a Certified Professional in Canada

After the completion of your training, you will need to pass an exam to become professional.

Concluding, this is an easy trick or way for people in Pakistan or Asia on Training and Paid work in Canada. All you need is just 60% marks in Matric. However, you will need to take at least 6.0 bands in IETLS as Canada is an English speaking country.

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