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Important Tips to Get USA Visit Visa from Pakistan in 2019

The USA is one of the hot tourist destinations on the planet. Every year thousands of people from Pakistan apply for USA Visit Visa from Pakistan alone. As a result few of them get the visa, else everyone gets rejected.

So, why your visa application gets rejected from Pakistan and what are the things you must take care off while applying a visit to the USA. We will discuss in detail some tips and tricks to filing a successful application in the US Embassy.

Tips and Tricks to get USA Visit Visa from Pakistan in 2019

To apply to visit visa for USA, you don’t need to add tons of documents and details with your application. The US Immigration department follows simple and straight rules to approve your visa.

The US non-immigrant visa B1/B2 (Tourist Visa) depends just on solely depends upon your purpose of visit and country ties.

You must clearly state your purpose of visit to the USA. There might be 3 reasons under which you must apply USA visit visa from Pakistan.

  • For Travel purpose
  • Attending an international or high-level seminar or conference.

usa visit visa from pakistan

For Travel Purpose

If you select travel as your main purpose to visit the USA, then you must make a plan to visit the places you will visit in the USA on your trip before you appear for an interview at US Embassy in Pakistan.

This is the point where people make mistake and their visa application gets rejected. You must name at least 2 places that you will visit on your trip. It is important a little bit about those places that you will visit on your trip to the USA.

The bank statement that you will represent at the US embassy must be in accordance with the places you will visit in the USA. For example, always select cheap places to visit in the USA from Pakistan. Search on Google for cheap places in the USA to visit and you will get the results. Mention 2 or 3 of those places when asked by the visa officer during your interview.


By choosing cheap places to visit in the USA, you can show a low amount of bank statement. You might apply for the visa if you have just $6000 in your account.

Attending Seminars or high-level conference

Attending Seminars or conferences in the USA can get your visa approved at a fast rate. If you are a government employee or a student, then you can apply for USA tourist visa from Pakistan. All you need is to get registered in these conferences taking places in the USA in 2019. Always look for the conference that matches your skills, area of education or job.


When you are visiting the USA at a conference, then the visa officer will not ask a lot of questions to you. Your purpose of visit to the USA is clean and clear. You will not need a large amount of bank statement as well if the conference is fully or partially funded.

Show your Ties to Pakistan

Ties mean that you have a very strong connection in Pakistan that will force you to come back from the USA. Some of the examples of strong ties are your family, your children, well-established business, property, etc.

US Tourist Visa Requirements

Once you have made your plan to visit the USA, it is the time to meet the requirements to apply your visit visa of USA.

Below are the main requirements to USA visit visa from Pakistan.

  • A 6 months valid Pakistani Passport
  • Letter of Appointment from the US Embassy (DS-160) (Take Printout)
  • Visa Application Form (Take Printout)
  • Original Copy of your Bank Statement

Supporting Documents for Students and Employees

Supporting documents are not important but in most cases, the visa officer might ask you to show these documents depending upon your case. The supporting documents are listed below

  • Marriage Certificate (If you are married)
  • Form-B (If your children are traveling with you)
  • FRC (If your family is traveling with you)
  • Letter of Sponsorship (If someone is sponsoring you from the USA and you have mentioned him/her in the visa application form)
  • Covering letter of your company if you are a salaried or government employee
  • Property papers if you have any property in Pakistan

As we have discussed before, these documents are optional and must be presented if asked by the visa officer, otherwise, do not show them.

You can fill the online US tourist visa application form by CLICKING HERE. Take a print out of the visa form as you will need it on the day of your appointment.

After filling the form, you will need to visit the website HERE and pay $160 fee for US visit visa. After submitting the visa fee, you can simply book an appointment on the same website and take a print out of it. You will need to put the login ID you have created on your visa application page.

Take the visa application form (DS160), letter of appointment and your original passport to the US embassy in Pakistan on the day of your appointment.

US Tourist Visa Duration

The US tourist visa duration is a maximum of 5 years. It is a multiple visit visa, so you can enter and exit in the USA as many times as you want.

Finally, this is how simple is it to apply USA visit visa from Pakistan. Your visa application will be accepted more easily if you have a travel history as well. In our experience, visiting USA on seminars or conferences from Pakistan has more value. So, we advise you to apply your visit on behalf of seminars or event taking place in USA. For furthermore info, please drop a comment.




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  1. Hi,sir i applied us b1b2 visit visa recently. My interview was on 17th jan 2019.. My purpose of visit to attend international poultry and production expo ippe in atlanta Georgia .. Organised by us poultry association . i hav,d from invitation and registration from organizer. I have a poultry business in Pakistan Registered fbr NTN i m also a member chamber of commerce hydrabad. I have a trvel history last 10 years.. I visited several countries including 2007. I hve strong ties in Pakistan my family .. Business, Agriculture land, but visa officer not satisfied with me and he refused my visa application .under section 214 b… So plz advice me what should i do ?


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