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Study in Switzerland as an International Student | Cost of living | Fee

In Europe, study trends are increasing towards Germany and Italy due to no tuition fee and low cost of living. However, you are missing one more country. Switzerland is a beautiful country in Europe with International standard universities that offer low tuition fee for international students. Most people ignore Switzerland due to higher cost of living. But where there is high cost of living,  there is more income and jobs as well. Today, we will discuss study in Switzerland as an international student. What is cost of living and which Swiss universities are better to apply from Pakistan.

study in switzerland as an international student

Universities in Switzerland

There are nearly 40 to 45 public and government universities in Switzerland. Most of them are situated in big cities like Bern and Zurich. Almost 4 universities in Switzerland are among the top 100 around the world. However, 2 universities of Switzerland are among the top 15 in the world. University of Zurich and Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne are on the top of the list in 15 best universities around the world. University of Geneva is at the 78th position around the world.

Admission Requirements

If you are applying for Switzerland student visa from Pakistan, then you will have to apply individually to an international university in Switzerland. You will need to apply on the website of university as an international student. We will soon update this article about getting an offer letter from a university in Switzerland. You can apply for the April semester or October semester depending upon your choice.

  • IELTS is mandatory to get an admission around any university in Switzerland. For Bachelors, you need 6.0 bands and for Master 6.5 to 7.0

Living cost in Switzerland for Students

Well, if we talk about the living costs in Switzerland then it is high. Yes, without a job you cannot survive in Switzerland. Tuition is through low in universities but the living expenses outside of university hostels is high. Almost, the residence from the university might cost you around 300 to 400 Swiss Francs (CHF) for a bed.

For a private accommodation, you will need to spend around 500 to 600 Swiss Francs. For the food, you will not spend less than 300 Swiss Francs a month.

Jobs for Students in Switzerland

You are not allowed to work as an International student for at least the first six months. After that, you will be allowed not more than 15 hours a week.

Tuition Fee in Switzerland

Tuition Fee is Switzerland is almost very low like other European countries. The top universities like University of Zurich charge nearly 12,000 Swiss Francs per annum as a tuition fee. If you are planning to MBA, then Switzerland provides you the best in this.

Settlement after Studies

After completion of degree, you get six months to find a job. If you find a job, you will be given the right to apply for work permit.


  • Low tuition fees in top universities as well
  • Opportunity to apply for work permit after Maximum chances to find a job after completion of studies.
  • High income


  • High cost of living for Pakistani and International students
  • No work allowed during studies

Finally, study in Switzerland as an international student is better if you are rejected from Australia, Canada or US. You get an opportunity to study in world’s top universities at a very low tuition fee which is nearly impossible in other countries. In coming articles, we will let you know how to apply for a Switzerland study visa from Pakistan. If you have any question, then let us know in the comment section.

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