How To Apply For Spain Visa From Pakistan

How To Apply For Spain Visa From Pakistan

How To Apply For Spain Visa From Pakistan.There are many countries in the world where students dream to get education and also many others are interested in getting a job. The reason is mainly that these countries offer better educational and job opportunities as compared to home country. Pakistani students have also been seen going to other countries for betterment of their education and hence life. One of the highly desirable options ever noticed include the name of Spain. Spain is one of the favorite destinations for students, tourists and other people for different purposes. Everyone wants to know the process for going to Spain. For complete guidance regarding different types of visa and how to apply for Spain visa from Pakistan, follow the below details;


This visa is for people who don’t intend to live in the Spain for over 3 months at maximum. It may be applied if persons have no guarantor there and it is purchased from travel agency. Other way is to make bookings of hotels and tickets. Applicants for tourist visa are needed to provide the evidence of their applicability for such visa. Service charges as applicable from January 01, 2017 are as following. For latest rates you can visit the official embassy site of Spain.

  • Tourist visa charges are PKR. 7,504
  • Shorter duration visa for children not over 6 years charges is waved off
  • In case of children between 6 to 12 years of age these charges are PKR. 4,377

This visa fee is payable in cash.

For applicants submitting their applications at Spanish center for visa application, they shall be levied service fee of Rs. 1,932 only that is to be paid in cash. Service charges are not applicable for below 6 years children. This visa fee may change with change in exchange rate. Also note that it cannot be refunded in case of visa rejection. Each applicant is required to fill a checklist which is meant to be submitted with visa application. It is an essential thing for providing to the authorities and is same for the whole of Pakistan.

Application form for the Schengen Visa

Original form for visa filled & signed with 3 recent photographs are to be attached. Make sure that you have filled the form rightly including correct details about contact number, email address and postal address. Another important thing is the Sworn Declaration that is to be submitted with the application. Fee for direct submission of visa is to be paid through bank draft in name of Embassy of the Spain, Islamabad. Draft must contain details about DOB, name, passport number. Draft`s photocopy should be submitted with application. Applicant`s passport with at-least 2 blank pages and valid for 3 months even after stay duration at minimum is required. The document must be issued during last 10 years. Current and expired passports` all pages copies must also be submitted.For minors, application form signatures of parents are valid for application form. Parents` passports copies duly attested need to be attached. If not, government ID with signatures is valid.In this case NO affidavit should be submitted. Along with these documents a covering letter explaining the details about visit is to be submitted.

How To Apply For Spain Visa From Pakistan

Those aiming to visit their friends or family and want to know how to apply for Spain visa from Pakistan they need an invitation letter that’s should be issued from residents of Spain. They also need to deposit attested passport`s copy along with residence of DNI of residents of Spain. Tourists need to provide details of bookings and travel itinerary in hotels for duration of their stay. Personal bank statement (original) for last twelve months, with salary certificate containing original stamp plus signatures of the authorized signatory, need to accompany bank statement. Another requirement is that of submission of last 3 years` income returns. Sometimes salary slips are also needed pertaining to last twelve months.Travel insurance covering minimum 30,000 Euros is mandatory. Insurance duration is meant to cover entire stay duration plus additional 15 days after departure date from Schengen territory. Insurance companies with respect to these insurance requirements are specified.

  • For Spouse requirement is to submit marriage certificate
  • For Children requirement is to submit Birth certificate


Applications accepted for visa at the application center are submitted on next day at Spain Embassy. After submission of application, applicants can request additional documentation supporting the same. Processing time they take is about 15 days. Applications must be submitted keeping in mind the proposed travelling schedule. Processing time starts on the next day after submission.Declaration form is required to be submitted by applicants needing shorter processing time.


There is large number of students who wish to get enrollment in any Spanish university. This number is increasing day by day along with increase in number of students studying abroad. These students want to study in foreign universities and are later on planning to get a job over there for settling their jobs & lives.For getting admission in Spain one needs to get a student visa. From Pakistan these requirements are fairly simple to follow if someone wants to go through details here is the complete guidance.


Applying for study visa from Pakistan requires consideration of following forms and fees.

Visa Details

Pakistani students applying for student visa need to get their visa approved first of all along with submission of their previous educational details. After entering Spain, Pakistani students need to apply for approval for staying during specified time. This application is to be submitted at Foreign office.

Where to submit application:

Students are supposed to apply for visa at Local Foreign Office or Police Station.

Visa Requirements

Visa requirements for all kind of visa are more or less same with few changes or specific provision for each of these. However following are the specific details to consider apart from the general visa requirements mentioned above.

  • Documents for entering and staying in the Spain are orderly placed along with visa for undertaking and extending studies.
  • Proof of regular acceptance of student in private or public educational/scientific center for undertaking or extending studies also for undertaking jobs regarding research and educational purposes
  • Study plan must comprise of more than 3 months and this should cover approved studies, educational or research itinerary
  • In case of students who are below 18 years of age, they need to provide authorization for their trip for study from their parents. This detail is meant to cover details of school to attend and stay duration
  • Financial soundness in the form of a financial support documents during the period of stay is necessary
  • In order to work in Spain during their study, such students need to obtain specific approval form authorities in Spain
  • Study visa students can get corresponding visa for staying in Spain with their relatives
  • Validity of student visa is up to the time mentioned on the visa and must be renewed after its expiry

Required Documents for Spain Visa

Following are the requirements for a student visa;

  • Valid visa with validity during stay duration
  • 2 recent photographs of passport size with white background that should be glued to application form
  • Valid passport for at least 6 months with 2 empty pages
  • Permit for returning to Pakistan i.e. resident card, student or work visa stamped with validity of 3 months after expected stay
  • Driving license & school ID along with details
  • Original admission certificate addressing the consulate, issued in the Spain that should be verifying enrollment of student as full time student of school or university in Spain
  • Letter should mention eligibility of the applicant for bachelor degree/other degree indicating program name, duration (starting & ending date), address, name & phone number details of persons to consult at school or respective educational organization in Spain, study hours per week i.e. at least 20
  • Study program details
  • Health insurance proof during Spain stay, covering need for urgent health expenses, repatriation because of sudden illness or accident

Support proof means to provide proof of following;

  • Those going with international programs should present letter from studying abroad program with full financial-responsibility for room, board and tuition during stay
  • Disclosure of sufficient support means in the form of bank statement that covers all expenses for staying in Spain
  • Parents should issue notarized letter as a proof for assuming complete financial responsibility of the students covering the whole duration of stay in the Spain. This should accompany with attached copies of IDs of parents, student`s birth certificate and bank statement
  • There must also be proof of financial assistance/scholarship for expenses of tuition, boarding, personal expenses including room charges during stay

Accommodation proof

This could be in the form of notarized invitation from Spanish legal resident or Spanish national. Another proof is letter issued by study abroad programs detailing the address of residence of student in Spain

Children below 18 years

Such students need to submit following documents;

  • Identifications of parents
  • Notarized travelling permission
  • Birth certificate
  • Apostille certification (in case of more than 6 months stay)

If stay is for more than six month students need to submit;

Health certificate signed & stamped from recognized doctor. This certificate should verify that applicant`s or parents are not encountering any disease at that time which can later on lead to serious repercussions. This is covered by submission of health certificates. These health related problems could be of any type including poliomyelitis, smallpox, human influenza, respiratory syndrome, cholera, yellow fever, pneumonic plague, west-Nile virus and hemorrhagic fever etc. This also includes rift-valley fever, meningococcal disease and Dengue fever. If your stay in Spain would last for over 180 days i.e. 6 months you need to provide health certificate. Make sure that your submitted certificate is not older than three month from the date of application. You also need to submit character certificate only if you are over 18 years old.

Visa Fee charges

As per latest details, charges for visa of Spain are BDT 7500.


For getting work visa of Spain and knowing how to apply for Spain visa from Pakistan go through the following detailed guideline.

  • First of all the person desiring to get work visa should attend interview held by your desired companies for employment. Your intention must be clear that you want to get a job and are not just wasting time.
  • Submit complete documents as mentioned below to the embassy either directly or through intermediaries that work for such submission. This may take time as these intermediaries will be sending your documents to embassy in 2 to 3 days.
  • Following are the required documents that must be complete in all respects;
  • Official form of application that must be signed & stamped by the employer
  • Three passport sized photographs that must not be very glossy
  • Original passport along with its photocopy with validity during the entire duration of the intended work
  • Job offer on official documents, that should be signed & stamped by respective employer. The job offered must be full time with extended months remaining after finishing duration of stay.
  • Company identity fiscal document(CIF)
  • Original document for social-security inscription document along with other relevant documents
  • Proof of payments for taxation and social-security payments
  • Document for services offered to the applicant and the reason for choosing the specific Pakistani applicant
  • Degree transcripts, certificates & credentials along with official seal
  • Next step is attending an appointment with Spanish Consulate to serve documents for processing that are needed for work visa. These documents normally cover job offer, character certificate, health certificate etc. You can manage this process either by you directly or by legal representative. It might take months or can also be done within days depending upon the case.

After processing of work visa by Spanish consulate, you need to get it by yourself. After you get visa, arrange for you tickets and get there as soon as you can. Hopefully these details are fulfilling your requirements. Get set and pack bags for a better opportunity.

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  1. Different websites mention that for health insurance you need to pay up 30000 euros which is almost equal to 45 to 50 lac in pkr….
    My spanish university is charging 6/7 lacs maximum for the degree program whereas the living cost is expected to be in that range too….
    What this means is that while I’d be through with my degree program hopefully in under 20 lac or 2 million pkr, the health insurance would want me to pay around 50 lac before I even get into the university!?
    Can you help me out with this?

  2. salam.. could someone tell me about family tourist visa?? me with my wife my elder child almost 6 years and second is almost 3 years.
    i want to make holiday tour for 15 days schengen.
    help me out??

    • Yes, sir, you can apply for the visit visa along with your family to Spain. However, you will need a good bank statement before you travel

  3. Hello sir please tell me about work visa in spain. And tell about of charges.
    My whatup number= +92 334 3682425
    If your any office in karachi pakistan. So tell me office address. I will visit your office

  4. Is it necessary to have relations in Spain? I want visit visa but do not have any friend or relative there
    how do I apply

  5. Salam brother. I want to apply for Schengen tourist visa .,(Spain). How to apply? Through Gerry fedex or TCS or direct to Spanish Embassy? Talib Ramzan

    • You will need to fulfill the requirements mentioned in the post. After that you can take the file to Gerry’s Office and submit your case

  6. Sir ,i want to get work visa for spain how much time it will take?
    My relatives are there . How can they get work visa for me?
    Please tell me an easy way….please

  7. I live in spain, my wife is a spanish national, i have Spanish citizenship too!
    My parents who live in a village Gujrat Pakistan, they are old age, they have property bank balnce everything, we have sponsored them twice, but always spain embassy deny visa! I have my own business here in spain, amd my wife is a govt high school teacher, we have our own home. we send them from spain,
    Travel Insurance
    Invitation Letters issued by Spanish Authorities
    Guarranty of 100,000 Euros that the will return to Pakistan within 15 days
    Our Spanish Passports copies
    Our Bank Balances, Property Papers, Pay slips etc
    Itinerary Letter written in Spanish
    Bank Balance of 12 Lac pakistani (my parents joint account in HBL pakistan 2years old)
    Our Spanish Marriage Certificate
    My Pakistani Birth Certificate
    means to say everything wich we could present, we called to the embassy as well and explained the all situation to the Spanish personal at Embassy of Spain Islamabad.
    Result: Refused 🙂 they dont have reason to visit spain !!!! 🙂 🙂 they are coming to see their son and daughter in law, and embassy say they dont have motivos de viajar al españa 🙂
    thanks for your time

    • What if you apply for a visit visa on their behalf to some other Schengen country like Belgium. From there, you can receive them and take them with you to Spain. For the refusal, it might be better if you apply for a family reunion or event as a cause. Like a marriage ceremony, birthday party of your children,
      In our opinion, apply a tourist visa for them to any other Schengen state.

  8. Hello Admin
    I am interested in studying Spanish language in Madrid. Before i apply to a language school i would like to know if the embassy accept applications of pakistani students who want to study spanish.

    If i apply for 20 per week classes for a year somewhere will i be facing any problem in getting my application accepted?
    I have a masters degree from spain and wish to go back.

    Thank you. Have a good day!
    Awaiting reply

    • As you have done masters from Spain before, the Embassy might reject your application. They might reject you for the reason that why you hadn’t studied Spanish once you were in Spain. We Advise you to get enrolled in another Masters program. Something different from the one you did before.

      • Hello again Admin,
        Thank you for the reply. I really wanted to go but i may have to reconsider another option.
        If i give a reason that i couldn’t afford extra work because of masters plus i couldn’t pay for Spanish classes as well.
        Will that work?

        Thank you! Have a good day

  9. Dear Admin,

    I want to apply for Schengen tourist visa .,(Spain). How to apply, I am currently working in US Consulate General Basrah Iraq, I have friend in Barcelona the can spanner me, what should I do, please email me on my personal email,

  10. i want to go for job. and if possible i want to study. my Education is MBA ( Finance) completed. i have also 3 years is professional experience.

  11. Hello admin o want go to Spain last year 2017 I was go to Spain without visa only shore pass I was go Barcelona tarragona Ceuta lackoronia cartegena on behalf of shore pass can I get Spain visit visa


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