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Korean E-9 Visa

Well, most of you have been aware of South Korea, due to its strong economy and a great working environment for foreign workers. The wage rate in South Korea is similar when compared to other countries like the USA and Australia. Every year the Government of South Korea offers an E-9 visa to different countries including Pakistan.

What is E9 Visa?

The E9 visa of South Korea is a work visa that is offered by the Korean Government in different industrial sectors like construction, fishing, farming, manufacturing, etc.

The E-9 work visa of South Korea is a free visa that is under the control of the Overseas Employment Corporation of Pakistan. One of the major requirements to get the visa of South Korea is the proficiency of the Korean Language. You must know the basic know-how of the Korean Language when applying for an E-9 visa from Pakistan. In addition to this, you must be aged between 18 to 39 years when applying for the Korean E-9 visa.

How to Get South Korea Work Visa from Pakistan in 2020

Before we dig deep into the procedure to apply the Korea Work Visa E-9 from Pakistan, we must have a look at what E-9 actually is.

So, the E9 work visa of South Korea is given under a quota system. Unfortunately, the quota has been decreased for Pakistani and in 2018, only 700 Pakistani were offered E-9 work permits of South Korea.

 At the moment, a large number of Pakistanis are living and working in South Korea on the E9 visa.

However, we might see an increase in the quota as PM advisor for overseas Pakistanis, Zulfi Bukhari has addressed the issue to the Korean government. In a meeting with the Korean Ambassador, Zulfi Bukhari said that the Korean government is looking forward to increasing the work visa quota for Pakistanis in the year 2020.

Benefits for Pakistani Workers in South Korea

There are a lot of reasons due to which people from Pakistan apply for a work visa of South Korea. One of the major reasons is surplus salaries in South Korea. One can earn a minimum of 200,000 Rupees per month while working in South Korea.

The income you get in South Korea on an E9 permit is three times more than working in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Apart from that, if you work extra hours you can raise your salary to 250,000 to 300,000 per month.

In most cases, employers in South Korea provide meals and accommodation to the workers. So, the salary you get is pure saving.

South Korea offers better Health Care facilities for workers than any other country in the world.

Vital Requirements of the South Korea E-9 Free Work Visa

So, in order to apply for the E9 work visa of South Korea, you must meet the following main requirements.

·       You must possess a valid passport and ID card for the E-9 free work visa of South Korea.

·       You must be aged between 18 to 39 years. Or else you will not be considered.

·       Your name must not be in Exit Control List (ECL)

·       You must be healthy and medically fit. A colorblind and physically disabled person cannot apply under an E9 visa.

·       You must not have overstayed in South Korea. Also at the time of application, you must be in your home country or outside South Korea.

·       If you have already in South Korea for more than 5 years, then you are not eligible to apply for an E-9 free work visa.

Complete Procedure to Apply E-9 Free work visa of South Korea

One of the good things in applying the E-9 work visa of Korea is that you don’t need any middlemen or agents to get this done. You can alone apply for this visa without any help. In this article, we will provide all the details on how to get an E-9 work visa of South Korea from Pakistan or any other country in the world.

Note: Keep in mind that all the advertisement related to E-9 free work visa are done by

·       Employment Permit System (EPS) in Korea

·       Overseas Employment Corporation in Pakistan

Any advertisement or news from agencies other than this may be illegal or faulty. So, you must only visit the above websites for registration and application of an E9 work visa from Pakistan or wherever you are.

How to Register for an E-9 Free Work Visa of Korea?

In order to register for the work visa of South Korea in 2020, you will have to wait till March 2020. Previously, the application was carried out in 7th March to 14th March and the fee for the registration was 1000 Pakistani Rupees. The fee must be submitted at any branch of HBL in Pakistan.

EPS-TOPIK Test of Korean Language

Each year a large number of people from Pakistan for the work visa of South Korea and must of them are shortlisted based on different measures.

One of the major influencing factors in getting your South Korean work visa and especially E-9 work visa is knowledge of South Korean Language.

E9 work visa south Korea requirements and procedure

After you are selected by the online polling system by EPS, you will book Korean Language Test for which you will have to register yourself in the nearest OEC office in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, or Peshawar.

The fee for the Korean Language Test in Pakistan is around 3400 Pakistani Rupees.

Once you are nominated for a Korean E-9 work visa through electronic balloting, the second step is to give Korean Language Test in Pakistan.

Korean Organization name EPST conducts this test every year in Pakistan.

Where to learn the Korean Language for Korean E-9 work Visa?

You can learn the Korean language through certified language centers of OEC throughout major cities in Pakistan. You can check the address of the concerned language center on the website of OEC as well.

How much time does it take to learn the Korean Language?

It takes about 2 to 3 months in order to get proficient in the basic Korean language needed to pass the test successfully. You can learn the Korean language from a Private institute as well for this regard.

Skill Test for Korean E-9 Work Permit from Pakistan

Once the results of the Korean language are announced, the next step is to submit the required documents we have mentioned above at the nearest OEC office.

Right after that, a Skill test is organized for the work permit of Korea.

A skill/fitness test will be conducted in the form of an interview. It may take a month before the test results are displayed.

Medical Test

After the fitness/skill test, a  general medical test is carried out. At this stage, the procedure of the E-9 work visa of South Korea is almost completed. The last step is the application of the visa after the letter of approval by OEC.

How South Korea Offers E-9 Visa in Quotas

South Korean government decides the Quota in relation to the shortage of labor in the local market. In the year 2019, the South Korean government has invited 56,000 workers from all countries around the globe. However, we might see an increase in the year 2020 in these figures.

So according to the government policies, the quota welcomed 43,000 new workers and 13,000 existing visitors from all over the world.

Final Verdict of E-9 Work Visa of South Korea

According to the immigration laws of South Korea, a foreign worker can carry out work activities for not more than 4 years and 10 months, so an E-9 work visa is offered for 5 years.

The downside to the E-9 visa is that the worker cannot leave and re-enter the country during the said time period. However, after 4 years 10 months, if the worker fulfills all the legal requirements, he/she can leave and re-enter South Korea and work for the same employer.

Finally, a worker on an E-9 visa can almost spend a total of ten years lasting in South Korea.

According to the labor ministry of South Korea, the quotas are made in relation to the demand for foreign workers by the affected industries.

Most of the demands of the shortage of labor occur due to the boom of manufacturing industries in South Korea.

Apart from the manufacturing sector, there was a huge intake in livestock and farming department in South Korea for foreign workers in 2019. While the fishing and construction, the industry-accepted lowest number of foreign workers.

It is up to the Government of South Korea to decide the allocation of foreign workers after reviewing the manpower demand of different sectors.

The E-9 free work visa of South Korea enables the low-skilled workers from Pakistan and other 15 countries to come to Korea and work. It is up to EPS to review and allocate workers according to the shortage faced by SMEs.


Can you Sponsor Family on E-9 Work Visa of South Korea?

No, you cannot invite family or friends on an E-9 work visa in South Korea.

How long can you stay on an E-9 work visa in South Korea?

You cannot stay more than 4 Years and 10 months on E9 work visa. You can again apply for the visa, once your contract is renewed by the same employer with whom you were working in South Korea.

Can we apply without the Korean language for an E-9 work visa?

No, it is important to pass the Korean language test to apply for the E-9 work visa. Without the Korean language, you are not eligible to apply.

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