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Seasonal Work Visa of Finland from Pakistan [Complete Guide 2019]

European countries are best known for seasonal work permits throughout the world. Finland is one of those countries which face a shortage of labour every year. In this article, we will discuss in detail how you can apply for Seasonal work visa of Finland from Pakistan. Finland offers 3, 6 and 9 months seasonal work permits to people all over the world.

Finland is a developed country in Northern Europe. The currency of Finland is Euro. Finland has a population of 5.5 Million and it borders with Norway, Russia and Sweden.

seasonal work visa of Finland from Pakistan

What is a Seasonal Work Visa of Finland?

A seasonal work permit is offered by the government of Finland for agriculture and tourism sector. The services like animal production, crops, forestry, ski resorts, cleaning, cooking,  are major areas targeted under this visa scheme.

What is the Visa Fee?

The fee depends upon the duration of the visa.  of

  • For 3 to 6 months, the visa fee is 350 Euros
  • For 9 months, the visa fee is 400 Euros

Visa Processing Time of Finland Seasonal Work Visa

If you submit an online application, then it may take up to 3 months for your visa approval.

Can you extend your visa in Finland on seasonal work?

At the moment, you can extend 3 to 6 months visa for up to 9 months. However, the competent authorities in Finland had not specified about extending the 9-month work permit.

Can you sponsor your family to Finland on this visa?

No, you cannot sponsor your family on this visa as it is a short term visa.

How much can you earn on a seasonal work visa in Finland?

It entirely depends upon the nature of your job, your employer and the city in which you are working. The minimum wage in Finland is around 11 to 12 Euro per Hour work under table jobs.

What are the main requirements for Finland work visa from Pakistan?

For a seasonal visa, you do not need any professional requirements. All you need is a little bit experience of the category under which you are applying for the visa.


Yes, the one and the only thing you need is to get a job offer letter from employer in Finland. You can get a job offer letter with the help of your friends living in Europe or family members as well.

The Employer will fill and send you TY_6 Form that you will need to attach with your visa application.

Other Things you need:

  • A valid Pakistani Passport
  • Job Contract from Employer in Finland
  • Passport size photograph
  • Colour copies of your Passport
  • IELTS is optional. If you do not have IELTS, then you should have a little knowledge of English or Finnish

How you can get a job offer from Finland for a seasonal work permit?

There are many online platforms through which you can a job offer in Finland. One of the best platforms we recommend are

Just type “seasonal work” in the search bar and you will find a lot of employers providing jobs.

What to do next once you get your Job Offer from Finland?

After you have your offer letter, you will need to file for a visa under FIS (Finnish Immigration Services). The application is carried out in 2 phases.

Apply for the Visa of Finland

We recommend you to apply for a visa of Finland through the online portal by clicking HERE.

After filling your visa application and taking their print, you will need to move to your nearest along with required documents to the Finnish Embassy or Consulate in Pakistan.

Finally, applying for a seasonal work permit of Finland is a very easy process. If you have any queries or difficulties, let us know in the comment section

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