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Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa from Pakistan | Family Visit Visa Fee 2018

Saudi Arabia is the first stop for the Overseas Pakistani when it comes to family visit or work. In the past year, a lot of rules regarding foreigners have been changed in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Rules regarding the Saudi Arabia family visit visa from Pakistan have been changed. On the other hand, family visit visa fee for Saudi Arabia in 2018 has been increased as well.

Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa from Pakistan

As I have discussed in my other articles as well, applying a family visit is the easiest way to enter another country. There is no rocket science behind getting Saudi Arabia family visa. Most of the people get confused when they visit MOFA website because it’s in Arabic.

Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa Procedure

Therefore, I have simplified this process by inserting pictures to make things easy here. Just follow the step by step guide to applying Saudi Arabia Family visit visa from Pakistan.

1.    Login to Saudi Immigration Website

The first step is to visit the MOFA website and follow the steps in the image below.

As shown in the image click on “Al-Muwatinun WalMuqimun”.

Saudi Arabia Family visit visa from Pakistan

Afterwards, a list will pop under that tab. Click on “Muqim” as shown in the picture

Family viist visa Saudia

When you will click on “Muqim” you will see a list below that, tab. Click on the first option “Talab Ziyarah Gayla”

saudia visit family pakistan 2018


2.    Fill Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa Form

At this point, a new page will open with a form and you need to click on “Ufaq”. This is usually a kind of agreement from the Saudi government.

how to apply saudi family visit visa

On this new page, all the details will be related to your “IQAMA”. In the first tab, put your IQAMA number, then Date of expiry of IQAMA. In “Raqm Tashir Dakhol” you need to put your Al-Raqm number visible on your Visa. See the image below. After that, click on the “Al-Tali” in green colour at the bottom to proceed further.

family visit visa fee saudi arabia 2018

At “Bayanat Al-Talab” page, you will need to fill the details related to you. In most cases it is auto-filled, however, you may need to enter a little bit information here as well. In “Raqm-Aljawal” you need to put your mobile number in Saudi Arabia. Put your number in (0096) format.

how to put Raqm in Saudi visa form

In “Al-Unwaan” you need to put the name of your city in Saudi Arabia. It is important to put city name in Arabic, therefore, you can search for Arabic keyboard on Google. Write the name your city, copy and paste in “Al-Unwaan,”. Now click on “Al Tali” the  at the bottom to get to next page


At “Bayant Al-Zawar”, in the section “Al-Gharz min Ziyarah” type in “Ziyarah Ayla” as shown in image down. Again you will need the help of Arabic keyboard here. Right in front of this, you can see the coloured number (488248), put the same numbers in the box.

ziyarat aiyla

You will see a section at this page called “Al-Matlubeen Ziyarah”. Here you will need to enter the details of your family members. Click on “Izafah” below the “Al-Matlubeen” text to enter the details.

saudia family visa 2018 requirement

You need to fill the details of your family members here on the page is shown in the image. These are the simple details like name, date of birth, age, nationality, passport, gender, duration of stay and their relationship with you etc. the Once you are done with filling the details, Click on “Izafah” at the bottom of the page to add details.  You can add as much family members as you want in this section. Once you are done adding a family member, click on the “Hifz” section at the bottom. Once you will click “Hifz”  you will be directed to next page “Arz Al-Talab”

Saudia family visit visa form filling relationship

At this point your Saudi Arabia Family visit visa application is ready. You can now take the print out of your application.

3.    Take the Printout to your “Kafeel”

Once you print out the visa application, take it to your “Kafeel” and get it stamped. Afterwards, take that stamped application to “Ghurfa Tijriya” also known as “Chamber of Commerce”. Again, you will have to stamp this application paying 25 Saudi Riyal.

Once done, you can check your visa application online MOFA website. It might take 4 to 5 working days for the visa application to get approved. After that, you can send that visa to Pakistan to your family.

Family visit visa fees for Saudi Arabia in 2018

There are conditions regarding Saudi Arabia Family visit visa Fee from Pakistan in 2018.

  • If you are calling your family for the first time, then Family visit fee is 2000 Saudi Riyal
  • If you are calling your family on a visit for the second time, then


For Six Months                      3000 Saudi Riyal

One Year                                5000 Saudi Riyal

For 2 Years                             8000 Saudi Riyal

Finally, this was the detailed process on how to apply Saudi Arabia Family visit visa from Pakistan in 2018. If you have any doubt in mind, then let us know in the comments section down

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  1. Hi

    Nice presentation. I am from Pakistan and want to get multiple entry business visa? What’s procedure and which category to select? Can you let me know?

  2. Very expressive for me I m not meet my husband plz free of cost provide me your country visa bcz I really need it

  3. if we applying for family visit visa from Pakistan to Saudi Arab first time for one year then What is fee? 2000 or 5000 Riyal
    plz reply me

  4. We Pakistani is BrotherHood of Saudi Arabia that is why our family visa fee is 2000 or 5000 in addition to this also requred to pay the vaccination and Insurance Fee.

    Comparason visa fee stacture for india and Pakistan.
    Single entry visa for 3 months. SR. 2000 SR. 305
    Multiple visa for 6 months SR. 3000 SR. 455
    Multiple visa for One year SR. 5000 SR.810
    Multiple visa for Two years SR. 8000 SR. 1110

    • This is because of our Ministery Of Foreign Affairs, relation with Saudi, and if you may know, pakistan visit visa fee is 3700SR. so chill brother, we all are suffering you are not alone 😉

  5. Im from philippines and working here saudi now i just want to ask if i can travel to pakistan and how!??

    Do reply plsss!!

  6. if i will take a two year visit visa for my family…they can go to pakistan for 1 month and then come back during this period or not?

  7. My iqama professional is banai e aam. So can I bring my family here in Ksa ? If not than how can I change my profession on iqama. Or is there any way ? And tell me about 2 years visit visa . Is there necessary that dependent go exit and return back every 6 months ?

    • At first you have to make sure that your Iqama(Residence Permit) profession is eligible for applying family visa.

      If yes, then follow the below procedure. If not, first change your Iqama profession then apply.

      The following document needed for applying permanent family visa.

      Get your marriage certificate attested by Saudi Embassy in your country and ministry of foreign affairs of your country.

      Translate your marriage certificate into Arabic (from approved translation center).

      If you want to bring your children you need their birth certificates and translate to Arabic.

      Copy your family member’s passport.

      Relationship certificate from your country Embassy.

      Get your Professional Degree/Diploma certificate attested by HRD of your country and Saudi Embassy in your country.

      Translate your Degree or Diploma Certificate into Arabic.

      Copy of your Iqama and Passport.

      Your salary certificate from your company Minimum Salary 2500 SAR (signed and stamped my company/sponsor).

      Salary certificate Stamp from chamber of commerce.

      Fill the visa application form and get signed/stamped by you, sponsor and you as well. (Application form Download Here … OD=AJPERES)

      Visa fees 2000Sr.

      Attach all the copies with the application form and visit nearest Istaqdam office and submit the all document. (Keep your original document with you for verification).

      Collect the Yellow slip form the Istiqdam.

      Sent Yellow slip along with your passport and Iqama copy to your family for stamping the visa. (Submit with your family passport, copy of your passport and iqama, Air line ticket, yellow slip to any authorized travel agents).

  8. if i will take a two year visit visa for my family…they can go to pakistan for 1 month and then come back during this period or not?plz reply

  9. My husband have applied for fourth time what be the fees ?per passport ?
    But our visa is for 3 months and later it will be extended to another 3 months means total 6 months plz guide me urgently.

  10. Sir i want to apply family visa for my wife for 3 months so how much fees i need to pay and if i want to extend it to more 3 months how much will be the fees and also tell me that as there any extra charges in Pakistan for this visa and how much i need to pay here monthly fees in saudi Arabia

  11. Sir i want to know that Is there any possibility to apply for visa Before Hajj.its emergency.plz reply me must.I am alone here.My husband is in KSA.

    • Salam ..m from pakistan and mry husband saudia main saudi syprus foundry main job krty hain unho ny bht bar try kia but ek bar family visa dny ka kha hmny pasport wgra urgent bnwaya but us k bad ded sal mry husband un ko khty ray company walon ny bt hi ni suni ab wo 2 sal bad 2 mnths k lye leave py ay hain 4 august ko wapisi hai unki so wo ab yhn sy islamabad saudi embacy sy khud apply krny ka bol ry hain to ap plz guide kr dn or jtni jldi ho sky reply krn k eid ul azha sy phly visa apply kr dn to lag jyga or kya kya chzn hmn isb ly k jna prengi sath or kitni salary limit ko visa mil skta hai or kis kis profession k iqama ko visa mil skta plz reply fast…thnk u from punjab toba tek singh

      • All you need is just to fill the online form mentioned in this article. The process is the same from Pakistan as well. Yes, the job you mentioned in this comment can apply to sponsor the family in Saudi Arabia. Salary jitni zaiada show kry utna acha hay.

      • For visit there is no salary limit but his profession should be admin or archive clerk type needed visit visa there is no restriction any time you can apply if you fullfil their requirements

  12. Hi
    My husband went to KSA , he is working as IT Consultant in a company but profession mentioned on his muqeem cars s Truck driver. Can he call us(wife and a daughter)? Is he eligible for family visa?

  13. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE, Chamber of commerce attestation has been abolished==

    There is no need to review the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its branches for family-approved family .1 visit requests from the Chamber of Commerce and follow up the result of the request on the site The student of the visit and the party in which he works shall guarantee the validity of the recorded .2 information, provide adequate family housing, medical insurance and leave the person required immediately after the expiry of the period specified for the visit. The duration of his stay in the Kingdom shall be subject to the applicable laws and regulations and the purpose of the application is ,,, .for the visit only and not for Hajj or Umrah. Proved otherwise .

  14. salaam. dear i want to apply visit visa for my family but my iqama profession is labour. can you pls check for me that can i apply with labour profession easily? if not plz let know the procedure of changing iqama profession according to 2018 rules of KSA along with fees? plz need your support

    • Wsalam. As your profession is entitled as labor in Iqama. You cannot call your family on the visit. The only way is to request your employer to change your profession. He or She might help you in changing your profession for family visit purpose.

  15. Hello,
    My Visa category is Building Electrician. Can I get a permanent family visa on this category? Also do I need any educational documents for this process? I only have certification and no diploma or relevant degree. Also is there any possibility that I can get a family visit visa based on this category?

    Replies are much appreciated.

    • You will need to ask your employer that if the sponsors you in this cause. Because the government wants you to be more stable in terms of your job to sponsor your family. However, your employer might help you in this

  16. Dear Sir
    salam hru
    i am a rescue diver i want to apply family visit visa for three month i have three children how much i pay the money in riyal ??
    can you send me email of all details please

  17. 1-How do we know that saudia has opened visit visa after hajj 2018?
    2-and how long pakistan take to issue the visa and all the processing?

  18. Can father apply visit visa for his married daughter in pak along wd her kids n husband? is there any age limit for calling daughter??. When visit visas r opening?
    please reply its really urgent

    • Yes a father can apply for the daughter and her family. There is no age limit in this case but your salary must be sufficient to afford their expenses in Saudi Arabia

  19. I want to get visit visa for the first time for saudi Arabia.i have 3 kids….Will their visa fees be included with me or 2000 for each kid???

  20. Hey Admin,
    I already Got 03 Months Visit Visa for my Family, just want to know that fee of 3000 SAR per passport….?
    because I got visa for my wife and 6 years old son.
    waiting your assistance

  21. Dear sir,
    After issuing Visa from ksa till when we can get stamped in Saudi embassy ,
    And where should we pay this 2000 SAR in Pakistan or in ksa could you please tell me???

  22. Hi, sir my sister in law want to apply for vist visa for her sister and her kid ….is that possible ?
    His has handsone sarly pakage

  23. Hello sir
    How much fee for 1 year family visit visa..and after how many months we have to cone to pak for exit re entry?plzz reply

  24. Salam .. my husband is in saudia and he cannot apply for family visit visa due to his profession in iqama.. so can i apply from here myself and my baby only as a tourist visa?

  25. Salam .. my husband is in saudia and he cannot apply for family visit visa due to his profession in iqama.. so can i apply from here and my baby only as a tourist visa?

    • Yes, you can apply for the visitor visa. You can mention in the visa application that you want to visit Saudi Arabia for the purpose of Ziarat

  26. Hi,sir
    We want to vist saudia as a vistor from pakistan
    I my wife and 1 kid, what does we need? Do we apply straight away or some sponer we must required?if sponser than how it could be?

  27. Hello
    My husband applied for family visit visa ( 3 month duration mentioned on document) and i was approved from saudia gov and i got the paper from my husband now i have to stamp the visa from pakistan. I want to know can i pay 5000 riyals and get 1 year visa stamp? Is it possible?

  28. Dear admin pls tell me you mention if first time i call for family visa i have to pay just 2000 but you dnt mention for how much time 3 month 6 month how much? I want to bring my family for 2 years how much i have to pay? Can you give answer

  29. my visa slip from MOFA saudia has 90 days validity so when applying for stamping of visa from pakistan can i increase duration to 1 year by paying the fee for 0ne year visit visa?

  30. @Aisha when you get the visit visa so you have 3 months to stamping and after stamping also 3 months to traveling , But must be travelling under 3 months after stamping…!

  31. For Pakistanis,
    What’s the procedure of etimad center in pakistan after paying 2000 SR here in KSA
    Also I heard that after paying 2000 SR for visa fee, etimad center will also charge aroung 75000 rupees for visa stamping ?
    Also some agents said that no need to pay 2000 SR here, all the payments will be paid at etimad center in pakistan.
    Kindly clarify this issue for pakistanis.

  32. Dudes.
    Is this possible to apply 2nd time permanent family visa because i sent my family on final exit last year. So now i want to apply again for permanent visa. Is this possible or i have to wait for certain time limit.

  33. Dear Admin

    please let me know if the fee reduced because 2000 To 300 Riyal on the special request from PM Imran Khan until Now there is no Official Notice from Saudi or Pakistan if you have any news about this issue please let us know.

  34. Sir, this is true news for visa fee will be reduce soon as per PM Imran khan Discus with Saudi Govt. I pray for Imran he try for and discus with Saudi for reduce the amount because of at the time too much amount. thanks and best regards. anwer


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