Saudi Arabia E-visa

Saudi Government to offer Saudi Arabia E-visa from Pakistan for Racing Event

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is something really interesting this time. Thanks to the Prime Minister Imran Khan and Saudi Government, Saudi Arabia E-Visa from Pakistan will be able for everyone from now on. Through E-Visa services, you don’t need to visit the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop or PC. Moreover, you don’t need an agent to apply for a visa on your behalf as well. On this sporting event E-visa, you have a good chance to search and drop your CV for Job in Saudi Arabia as well.

Saudi Arabia E-visa from Pakistan

To apply for the E-visa you only need your passport and credit or Debit card to pay the Fee. Saudi Government is offering E-visas to Pakistani because of a Racing event in Saudi Arabia.

How to Apply for Evisa of Saudi Arabia for Racing Event?

In order to apply for the visa, Saudi Government has launched an official website to get an invitation letter. You can visit the website by CLICKING HERE

Once you are on the website, you can click the “English” on the top corner to open convert the website into the English language.

  • First thing is to register on the website by clicking at the Login/Register Button

Saudi Arabia E-visa from Pakistan

  • .The registration process is really simple, however, if you find any difficulties to register then let us know in the comment section. It is easy to fill the form.
  • .After registration, you will need to visit your email in order to confirm the registration process. You can check the email confirmation in the “Spam” Do not worry it is not a spam and easy to go with.
  • After “Login” through the email you created, you will need to click on the event as shown in the picture below. You can find it on the main page of the website.

saudia racing event dec 2018

  • Now once you will click the event, you will need to select your nationality on the right-hand side panel as shown in the picture. After that, you will need to click “Yes, I require a visa” as shown in the image below

evisa from saudia

  • On the next page, you will need to buy an online ticket for this event in Saudi Arabia, You can pay online through Debit or Credit card. In the image below, we are given a ticket for 10,000 SAR because we haven’t registered on the website. Once you register and login through the portal. You will see ticket options as low as 395 SAR. After that select the ticket you need, a click on “Book Tickets”

Saudi racing evnt tickets 2018

  • After booking the ticket, you will need to fill a simple visa application form. Your application will be reviewed and visa will be issued immediately after that. You can see in the image below as well.

saudi 5

Once your application is reviewed and visa is issued, you will need to pay the Fee for the visa. This visa is valid for 14 days only. The event will take place on 15 December 2018 in Saudi Arabia. It is important to select your “Entry Date” as 10 December 2018 on visa application form.

saudia arabia evisa fee

 Visa Fee for Evisa of Saudi Arabia from Pakistan is about 520 Riyals and Insurance is around 100 Riyals. Once you get your visa in email or online portal, you can print it and travel to Saudi Arabia without any worries.

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