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Costa Rica Residency and Citizenship for Pakistani Citizens

Have you ever thought of a country where you can easily get residency and citizenship while living in Pakistan? Yes, Costa Rica is a country that offers citizenship to people living offshore. Costa Rica is a country in Central America with a very powerful passport. The currency of Costa Rica is Colon and official language is Spanish. However, English is widely spoken and understand in Costa Rica. The passport of Costa Rica allows you to enter 144 countries in the world. In this Article, we will let you know how to get residency and citizenship for Pakistani citizens.

Residency and Citizenship for Pakistani Citizens

It is believed that one of the fast method to get nationality of Costa Rica is get married. After getting married, you get residency of Costa Rica. After 2 years of Residency, you can apply for the citizenship. But marriage is not the only option left as there are more ways.

residency and citizenship for Pakstani citizens

Become National of Costa Rica in 3 Easy Steps

There are three steps through which you can become the citizen of Costa Rica. In first phase, you get temporary residency, then permanent residence, and then citizenship.

To become a Citizen of Costa Rica there are almost 12 different ways. For this, you will need to visit the official website of Costa Rica Migration. To visit the website click HERE

We will discuss with you some of these possibilities.

Pensioner Visa Program

Under this program, If you retired from a government service in Pakistan, then you can apply for temporary residence in Costa Rica. For this, you must possess an income of $1000 USD per month. You get a temporary residency of 2 years that you can renew as well.

Rentista Program

You can get residency of Costa Rica through Rentista program. There is no age limit or other qualification requirement needed. All you need is an income of $2500 USD income per month to declare. You can show income through various sources like house rent, shop, business, etc.

It also includes your spouse or family in this program. You have to live in Costa Rica for a minimum of 4 months in order to apply for PR after 2 years.

Investor Program

Through investor visa program, you can invest in Costa Rica a minimum of $200,000 USD to get residency. The investment amount reduces to $100,000 if you are investing in forestry.

Permanent Residency

After living for 3 years in Costa Rica on Temporary Residence, you can apply for Permanent Residency. After total of 7 years (Years of TRP and Permanent Residency), you can apply for citizenship.

Finally, there are many other ways you can check on the official website as well. However, keep in mind that on temporary residency of Costa Rica you cannot work under any other person. You will need to do your own business.

After PR you can work under any employer in Costa Rica. Getting residency and citizenship for Pakistani citizens in Costa Rica is not difficult. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Can you tell me the way how to apply if we have the monthly income more then the said amount and what other documents needed and in which embassy we can apply for Costa Rica residency ??? You are doing brilliant job , May Allah bless you

    • Thank you for your appreciation. We will soon publish a detailed article on how to apply for the visa of Costa Rica. In Pakistan, there is no embassy or consulate for Costa Rica that deals in issuing the visa. You will need to apply for the visa other neighbouring Asian countries. We will let you know which country you should travel


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