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Qatar 11th Annual Youth Conference 2019 | Free Accomodation | Food | Return Ticket

Finally, Qatar has announced the Qatar 11th Annual Youth Conference in 2019. Qatar will invite 550 participants in this conference out of which 70 participants will be selected internationally. The winners will be provided free return ticker, food, accommodation and travel expenses. All you need is just to apply for the Qatar 11th Annual Youth Conference.

Qatar 11th Annual Youth Conference 2019

The 3 days conference will include group workshops, seminars, exhibition, and youth expression. The conference will be held from 14 to 16 March 2019 in Hamad bin Khalifa University. It is a great opportunity for the college and university students in Pakistan. ROTA’s 11th Youth Conference 2019 will invite 550 students aged 16-32.

Qatar ROTa's 11th Youth Conference

Who can join the Conference in Qatar?

ROTA’s 11th Youth Conference in Qatar is a great opportunity for students and motivational speakers. You can join as a participant or a trainer in this conference. The program is fully funded as well as partially funded for the participants. The fully funded includes return air-ticket, food, accommodation and travel expenses related to conference. In the partial funded sponsorship, there is no ticket.

The selection of fully and partially funded package will be provided on the regional status of the applicants.

Day 1

  • Opening Ceremony
  • keynote speech
  • power speech

Day 2

  • workshop
  • panel discussion
  • seminar
  • Youth arts performance

Day 3

  • Community service
  • reflection activity
  • cultural and closing ceremony


You will need the following documents

  • 6 Months valid passport
  • Letter sent to you in email after registration at the portal

Deadline to apply

The last date to apply is 25th January 2019.

Do you need any visa for Qatar Conference from Pakistan?

No, you do not need to apply any visa.

How to apply for ROTA’s Annual Youth Conference?

In order to apply for the conference, you will need to fill two forms

  1. Code of Conduct form
  2. Registration form
  • You can fill the Code of Conduct form online through pdf file editor. Download the form on your desktop. You will need to upload the Code of conduct form in your registration form.
  • Fill the registration form and submit it.

Finally, the ROTA’s youth conference is great opportunity to share your ideas with people from other part of the world. Moreover, the trip to Qatar is fully funded by the Qatar government, so you do not need to spend a single penny. For more details, let us know in the comment section.

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