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How to Apply for Portugal Investment Visa to get Citizenship and Passport

Portugal is a schengen country in Europe bordering Spain. Portugal gives you the opportunity of getting the citizenship of Portugal through Portugal investment visa program. Moreover, you don’t need to have any IELTS or degrees to get the citizenship and passport of Portugal.

Portugal Investment Visa leading to Passport

Also known as Portugal Golden Visa program, this visa allows you to live and work in Portugal, Furthermore, after spending 6 years in Portugal, you can apply for the Passport of Portugal.

The investors or entrepreneurs need to invest a minimum of 350,000 Euros in any real estate in Portugal. Moreover, the investors can expect the return of 10 to 12% annually on their investment in Portugal.

portugal investment visa

In the year 2018, Portuguese government announced the Golden visa investment fund that is fully regulated by Portuguese Stock Exchange. The term of investment is around 7 years and the goal is to invest in areas which have significant output for investors.

You can get more help from PTGoldenVisa agency in Portugal regarding investment in Portugal.

Portugal Passport by Investment

The real fruits of Portugal investment visa program or Golden visa program can be seen after 6 years. As you make the investment in real estate in Portugal, you immediately get your resident permit. You can apply for the Portuguese Passport on behalf of your investment made in Portugal after 6 years.

In Europe, Portugal is the only country that allows you to apply for the passport in such a small time period. Other countries like Spain, Italy and Germany offer Passport after 10 to 12 years.

Finally, investors can easily get Portugal citizenship by investment of 350,000 Euros. Big cities in Portugal are attracting investors from all over the globe in the past 2 years. Portugal is recovering back from economic crisis that hit entire Europe a few years ago. So, this is the best time to hit the iron.

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