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Philippines Visit Visa from Pakistan-Easy Method

The Philippines is famous among the travellers as the visitor’s paradise on Earth. The reason it’s called Paradise is that of its natural landscapes and scenic islands. The Philippines has more than 7000 natural islands that attract thousands of visitors each year.  Moreover, the cost of living and travelling in the Philippines is also very low as compared to other countries. We will discuss how to apply for Philippines visit visa from Pakistan.

How  to apply for Philippines Visit Visa from Pakistan

Applying the Philippines Travel/Visit/Pleasure category visa is very simple from Pakistan. You don’t need any sponsor to visit the Philippines and you can apply on your own.

Philippines visit visa from pakistan

Requirements for Philippines Travel Visa

So let’s make the process simple and easy. Let us tell you the documents you need from Pakistan to apply for Philippines Pleasure Visa from Pakistan.

1.    Hotel Reservation

The first and most important thing is to reserve a hotel in the Philippines from Pakistan. You will need to tell Hotel administration to send a copy of your hotel reservation to Philippines Embassy as a proof via email or fax.

2.    Get a Return Ticket

You will need to confirm a round trip ticket to Philippines and back to Pakistan. Please note that the ticket to the Philippines is not less than $700.

Other Documents

The other necessary documents you will need to apply for the Philippines visa from Pakistan are

  • A valid Pakistani Passport
  • 4 Passport size pictures with white background
  • Police Clearance certificate from your local police station. You will need to attest this certificate from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office.

Bank Statement

  • A bank statement of the last six months is important. As the cost of living in the Philippines is very low. You will need to show a little amount of money in your bank account. 2000 Pesos (the currency of Philippines is Pesos) is enough for one month. We recommend showing Pakistani 30 to 50 Thousand Pakistani Rupees in your bank account. You will need to attest your bank statement from Ministry of Foreign affairs as well.


Supporting Documents

If you have other documents like employment certificate, property papers, credit cards cop, or your business registration certificate, etc then you can attach them as well. However, if you don’t have these then it’s OK. But if you will provide these, then the Philippines Embassy will be more satisfied

Visa Fee for the Philippines from Pakistan

Visa fee for the single entry visa is $46 for 3 months. It may take up to one month to get your visit visa.

Fill the visa form

Take out the print of visa application form and fill it. Click Here to get the Philipines Travel/Visit/Pleasure visa form. Once you fill the form, attach the documents we have discussed above. Visit the Philipines embassy near to your city.

Finally, this was the simple method on how to apply for the Philippines visit visa from Pakistan. If you have any questions, then let us know in the comment section

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  1. Hi sir
    My name is Saeed. Me and my brother having Visa request latter and invitation latter from NGO in Phillpines . We want go attent cermoney in Phillpines so what I do for visa what is requirements. I have my own hospital but I don’t have NTN or chamber of commerce card.

    • NTN number and Registering with Chamber of Commerce is important for a business visit. You can apply for a general tourist visa. For that, you do not need any NTN or Chamber of Commerce registration. Just visit as a tourist.


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