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Get Citizenship Through Netherlands Investor Visa Program

Are you outside of Europe? Do you want to expand your business through Netherlands investor visa program? You are at the right place as we will discuss with you how to apply for Netherlands Startup visa or investor visa. Netherlands is always been a country of Entrepreneurs who made a foundation for innovation and job creation. We will highlight the Netherlands Entrepreneur visa requirements to prepare your application.

Netherlands Investor Visa Requirements

In order to apply for business entrepreneur visa Netherlands, startup visa or Netherlands Golden visa you will need to fulfill the basic requirements discussed below

1.    Facilitator

In order to apply for the business visa of Netherlands you will need a Facilitator. So, Facilitator is your business mentor, who will manage your business needs like operation, research, marketing and investment acquisition.

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How to get a facilitator for Netherlands Startup visa

Here are the key points through which you can get a facilitator in Netherlands

  • Discuss a good business plan with your Facilitator
  • Show that the product or service you will provide in Netherlands will be innovative and helpful for community.
  • Show you Facilitator how to transform idea into business.

2.    Register at Chamber of Commerce in Netherlands

After you get selected by your Facilitator, the next step is to register at the Chamber of Commerce in Netherlands. Your Facilitator can help you get things done related to paper work.

3.    Show Finance to Support your stay in Netherlands

The final step is to show enough financial resources to support yourself in Netherlands. This finance also includes your initial costs to start your business in Netherlands.

On startup entrepreneur visa of Netherlands, you should not depend upon finance from welfare organization.

You will need to show your bank statement in Pakistan or the country you are residing in. However, you facilitator in Netherlands may fund your stay in Netherlands (1 Year)

You can visit the Link HERE to apply for the Netherlands investor visa. The fee to apply for the business visa of Netherlands is around 321 Euros.

Netherlands Citizenship by Investment

In order to apply for the Citizenship of Netherlands, you will need to spend one year in Netherlands on Business visa. After that you can extend your resident permit. After 5 years you get the citizenship of Netherlands.

Finally, the Netherlands investor visa allows you to grow your business while getting a chance to apply for PR of Netherlands as well. For further details or queries, let us know in the comments.

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