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How to Move Canada from Singapore being a Pakistani Citizen

Canada is one of the dream countries for the people to visit and work. Salaries and wage rate along with the life quality is higher in Canada than any other country in the world. Every year people from Asian countries like Pakistan and India apply for immigration to Canada. Most of them get rejected due to several reasons. One of the major reason is no travel history and incomplete documents. We have been continuously getting messages from Pakistani’s living overseas about how to move Canada from Singapore or Malaysia being a Pakistani citizen.

How to Move Canada from Singapore

First, of all, we have suggested Singapore or Malaysia because these are the countries with a better economy than other Asian countries. There are good opportunities in these countries to find jobs. If you are already in Singapore, Hongkong or Malaysia than it is better to apply from there. If you are in Pakistan, then we recommend you to plan a visit to one of these countries and apply for the visa to Canada.

move to canada from singapore

How to go to Singapore??

So, why you should Singapore besides Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, etc. As we have told you before that Singapore is one of the most strong and growing economies in Asia. There are plenty of Job opportunities in Singapore. Moreover, when you have travelled 2 or more countries like Thailand, Maldives, Malaysia, Turkey, etc than there are maximum chances to get a visa for a strong country.

Did you know that, if you have a visit visa of Canada on your Pakistani passport, then you can visit any European country without a visa?


How to Apply for Singapore visit visa from Pakistan

We will mention again here that applying for a visit visa of Singapore from Pakistan, will take a little bit effort. Singapore visit visa is not like Thailand visit visa or Maldives visit visa that you get easily.

Steps to Apply to visit visa of Singapore from Pakistan

  • First thing is to fill the visit visa application form 14A. You can download the form by Clicking Here.
  • Second most important thing is a letter of Introduction (LOI). You can get the sample regarding the letter of introduction from the website of Singapore consulate in Karachi, Pakistan. You can download LOI by Clicking Here. In LOI, you will have to tell about yourself and your purpose to visit Singapore. It is the letter which affects your visa decision.
  • A valid Pakistani passport for than 6 months expiry date.
  • 2 passport sized photographs with white background.
  • Another important thing to consider is if you are a businessman, then you need to present your documents related to your business. If you are applying as a student in Pakistan, Malaysia or any other country, then your transcripts or offer letter are must be attached.
  • Bank Statement is also very important to declare when applying a visit to Singapore. We recommend you to have at least $3000 or 3.5 Lac Pakistani Rupees at time of application in your bank account.
  • Return tickets
  • The visa fee for Singapore visit visa from Pakistan is around Rs. 1200. And if you are applying from another country, then it will not be more than $20.

Submission of Visa File

Once you have completed all the requirements. It is time to apply for your Singapore visit visa. In Pakistan, you will need to visit Consulate General of the Republic of Singapore in Karachi to submit your visa file. You can send the file through courier services. All the information is available on the website of Singapore immigration.

Move Canada from Singapore being a Pakistani Citizen

People who ask for the work visa for Canada directly should read this point carefully. There are some objections to acquiring work visas directly for countries like Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc.

Whereas if you are in Singapore and ask someone to acquire a work visa for you in Canada. Then there are maximum chances that you will get visa of Canada from Singapore. Moreover, applying a visit visa of Canada from Singapore is way easier from Pakistan. Once on a visit, you can submit your CV personally to intended Canadian companies.

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  1. Hi Sir thanks for this useful information but i have a confusion how is it possible to get Canada Tourist visa from Singapore if we have tourist visa to Singapore ?
    how is it possible without having Residence permit of that country from we are applying to any other country’s tourist visa ?

    • No, you cannot apply from Singapore. However, there are more chances if you apply a visa from Pakistan as you have a good travelling history


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