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Malta Tourist Visa from Pakistan without Sponsor

Malta is a beautiful country in Europe that falls under Schengen Agreement. Every year large number of people visit Malta as a tourist. Today we will discuss Malta Tourist Visa from Pakistan without any sponsor or invitation letter. Malta tourist visa is also known as Type C visa. Besides Pakistan, we will also let you know how to apply for tourist visa of Malta from UAE as well. Moreover, if you get the visa of Malta, you can visit other countries like France, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Italy, etc.

Malta Tourist Visa from Pakistan

You can apply for Malta tourist visa for any purpose like travel, medical, meeting friend or family etc. If you are a Pakistani applying from UAE then you can visit the website mentioned Here. Download the form and fill it. It’s that simple

However, in Pakistan, there is no embassy of Malta that can offer visa. A consulate of Malta is present in Lahore and Karachi, but they do not offer visa services. Another way is to apply from Dubai or Saudi Arabia, but for that, you will need to apply for visit visa to these countries. But we will discuss with you a process through which you can apply visa from Pakistan without any visits or sponsors.

How to Apply Malta Visa from Pakistan Online

For the purpose of visa from Pakistan, you will need to visit the official website of Malta Government. Click Here to visit the website

You can scroll down to the list and search for the name of Pakistan. We have attached an image below to make things simpler. As you can see in the image, you can visit the consulates of Italy in Karachi or Islamabad to apply for the visa of Malta.

Malta Tourist visa from Pakistan

But before applying visa, you will need to Book an Appointment for Italian Consulate in Islamabad or Karachi. You can click here to Book Appointment for Malta Visa. After that download the visa application form from the same website and fill it.

Note: While filling the visa the visa application form, your destination or intended country to visit must be Malta.

  • The visa fee of Malta from Pakistan is 60 Euros that you can submit through VFS global.
  • Requirments for the Malta tourist visa from Pakistan is same just like other Schengen countries. You will need travel insurance from Pakistan. For detail requirements of Malta visa, you can Click Here.

Pakistanis living and working overseas like UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc might need NOC from the employer at time of application of visa.

Finally, in the past two years, the visa rejection is increased for Pakistani citizens. We advise you to possess a good travel history before you apply for Malta tourist visa from Pakistan. For more details, please drop you comments below.

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