Malaysia visa requirements from pakistan

Malaysia Visit Visa from Pakistan | Malaysia Visa Requirements for Pakistan

Malaysia is one of the most anticipating places on the planet. From a very long time, people have been visiting Malaysia for vacations and job. The trend to work in Malaysia has increased in the last few decades. People from Pakistan move to Malaysia for travel, study and job. Applying for Malaysia visit visa from Pakistan is not a complicated process. Malaysia visa requirements for Pakistani citizens are easy to follow

Malaysia visit visa from Pakistan

How to Apply for Malaysia visit Visa from Pakistan

Generally, you can apply for the student, visit and work visa of Malaysia from Pakistan. However, we will only discuss with you the visit visa of Malaysia in this article.

All kind of visas for Malaysia are dealt by Gerry’s Dropbox. You can apply on your own or on behalf of your travel agent as well.

Malaysia has a very friendly visa policy for Pakistan and India.

Malaysia Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

Following are the basic visa requirements before you apply for Malaysia visit visa from Pakistan

1.    Offer/Cover letter

A cover letter is a kind of the letter in which you have to provide all the details of your tour. Don’t get panic as you can state any reason for your visit. You will need to disclose things about yourself. Write if you are a student, a businessman or a government employee etc.

2.    Visa Application Form

The second important thing is to complete your visa application form. You will need 2 photographs with a blue background not older than 6 months.

3.    Other necessary documents

Here are some of the other necessary and supporting documents you will need to get Malaysia travel visa from Pakistan.

  • A valid Pakistani Passport
  • A copy of your return ticket
  • A valid National ID card along with a photocopy
  • A valid bank statement of last six months. A bank statement ranging from 1 to 2 lakh Pakistani Rupees is enough to apply for Malaysia visit visa.


If you are visiting for a business purpose, then you need to provide the sponsor letter of the company you are visiting in Malaysia. If you are traveling just for vocational purpose then you don’t need any sponsor letter. Moreover, we advise you to keep at least $800 or equivalent Malaysian currency at arrival in Malaysia.

Visa Fee for Malaysia visit visa from Pakistan

The Malaysia visit visa from Pakistan costs Rs. 18,800 for 30 days visit.

Finally, this was an easy process to apply for Malaysia travel visa as a Pakistani citizen. If you have any queries regarding Malaysia visit visa, then let us know in the comment section below.


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  1. I am msc economics and want a study visa in Mphil economics leading to PHD. .kindly guide me and help me in getting admission and visa on scholorship basis. .waiting for your kind reply. .Thanks

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    I need details information for Malaysia visit visa for 90 days form Pakistan. We are 04 persons ( Me, Wife, 01 Child-16 year & Child-20 year ).


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