Visa Free Entry for Pakistani Citizens To Malaysia

Malaysia Announce Visa Free Entry for Pakistani Citizens

Finally, the PM Imran Khan visited Malaysia and returned with a good news. According to the sources, the Pakistani and Malaysian signed an agreement regarding visa free travel between the two countries.

Visa Free Entry for Pakistani Citizens To Malaysia

At the moment, the agreement made in Malaysia has abolished the visa requirements for official and diplomatic passport holders of Pakistan. Prior to this, Pakistan and Malaysia has deeply cooperated in different fields. According to this new agreement, both the countries will continue to collaborate in future.

visa free entry for Pakistani citizens

PM Imran Khan said that he is impressed by the Malaysian Prime Minister and his way of governance. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to learn from Malaysian government to improve his own governance in Pakistan. PM Imran Khan also discussed the issues related to Foreign Direct Investment and tourism.

Before this announcement travelling to Malaysia from Pakistan was not that much hard. It is not sure that either you will need an on-arrival visa or not. Whatever the scenario might be, there will be difficulties for you to travel to Malaysia in Future.

Other than diplomats and government officials, the ordinary passport holder might have to show hotel booking. The value of Pakistani Passport has got down in the last 2 years. In the year 2017, it started gaining its real value back. Now after this announcement regarding Malaysia visa free entry for Pakistani citizens, the ranking of passport has improved.

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