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Ireland Work Visa from Pakistan 2019 – [Complete Guide]

Ireland is one of the third largest countries in Europe. Ireland is best known for its scenic landscapes and rich culture. Besides touristic attractions, the country is best for students and international workers. In this article, we will let you know about different categories of Ireland work visa from Pakistan. For every 2 years, Ireland needs more than 90,000 workers from all over the world.

Ireland Work Visa and Categories

Ireland needs a large number of workers each year for different kind of works. Mainly, there are three categories under which foreigners can apply for Ireland work visa.

  1. Critical Skills Visa (Green Card Permit of Ireland)
  2. General Employment Visa
  3. Pilot Agriculture Scheme (Farm Worker Visa)

Critical Skill Visa or Green Card Permit

It is one of the best programs under which you can work in Ireland. Furthermore, Green card permit of Ireland allows you to sponsor your family to Ireland. The critical skill visa allows you to work in Ireland for 2 years. The worker can extend the visa after 2 years. On completion of 5 years in Ireland, the worker is eligible to apply for Permanent Residence of Ireland.

Critical Skills Visa is for the people who have a high level of qualification. You can visit the Skilled Occupation List for Critical Skill Visa of Ireland to see more.

ireland work visa from pakistan

Ireland Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens Regarding Green Card Permit

The first and most important requirement for Ireland work visa is to get a job offer. As a Pakistani national, you will need a job offer letter from employer in Ireland. Your employer must agree to offer you a minimum of 30,000 Euros salary per year. If your job offer does not fall on the list, then your salary must be more than 60,000 Euros per year in your job offer letter.

General Employment Permit

Under this category, people with high as well as low education can apply for Ireland work visa from Pakistan. However, the category under which you are applying for the visa, you should carry the experience of it. Here is the list of categories that are not eligible for this visa program. If your category is other than these categories in the list, then you are welcome to apply under this program.

The General Employment Permit allows you to sponsor your family. You are eligible to renew this visa, and after 5 years you can apply for PR as well.

The visa fee for Ireland work permit is around 1000 Euros. In the case of visa rejection, 90% fee is refunded back to you. 

For General Employment visa, you will need a job offer leading to 30,000 Euros salary per year. For this visa, you must possess a graduation degree in Pakistan.

Pilot Agriculture Scheme (Farm Worker Visa)

Under this visa scheme, dairy farm workers, meat processing operatives and horticulture workers can apply for Ireland work permit. There is no need for a high level of education in this visa category, but you must possess a Matric degree for maximum visa chances. Moreover, for this visa scheme, you will just need a job offer letter with a minimum of 22,000 Euros salary per year.

How to Find Job Offer for Ireland Work Visa?

You can look for the jobs on the official website of Ireland Government. You must apply for the job in which you have a minimum of 2 years of experience.

Finally, these all the 3 categories under which Pakistani’s can apply for Ireland work visa from Pakistan. The process is simple and easy. If you want to know more, let us know in the comment section.



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  3. Hi sir I am qaisar from Pakistan sir I need Ireland agriculture farm worker visa and I have 2 year experience in agriculture and my qualification is D com


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