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Apply for Iceland Visa from Pakistan | Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

Iceland is one of the most scenic Nordic countries situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. It also the part of European Union and falls under the Schengen Agreement as well. Ireland is home to active volcanoes and the largest glacier in Europe. Iceland truly is the land of fire and ice. Moreover, it is the land of stories and natural sceneries. Today we will let you know how to apply for Iceland visa from Pakistan. Also, we will disclose the Iceland visa requirements for Pakistani citizens.

apply for Iceland visa from Pakistan

How to Apply for Iceland Visa from Pakistan

Applying for Iceland Visa is not a difficult process to go from. Just like other countries, Iceland allows you to apply for following visa categories from Pakistan.

First, we will let you know about the main documents required to apply for Iceland Visa from Pakistan. Afterwards, we will discuss the requirements of above visa categories individually.

Iceland Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

Below are the main documents you need to prepare in order for your visa.

  • The first thing is to download the Schengen Visa application form. You can download the Form from here. Print the form and fill it carefully.
  • You will need to 2 passport size photos with a white background.
  • A valid Pakistani passport with expiry time more than 6 months. If you have any previous Passport, then you will have to present it as well.
  • Travel insurance of 30,000 Euros coverage is compulsory for all Schengen states. Iceland, Denmark and Greenland recommended Insurance companies in Pakistan are AIG (Islamabad), CHUBB Insurance Pakistan Limited (Karachi), IGI (Islamabad), UIC (Islamabad, Lahore), Askari General Insurance (Rawalpindi). However, you can also apply for travel insurance from any well-known company.
  • Reservation of ticket for your flight to Iceland. In case of visit visa of Iceland from Pakistan, you should reserve the return date as well.
  • Reservation of accommodation or hotel in which you will stay during your visit to Iceland.
  • You will have to provide a marriage certificate in case you are married.
  • A covering letter to state your purpose of travel to Iceland. For example, if you are applying for the visit visa, then you should write about it. Tell them you love to travel and you will visit different places like volcanoes and glaciers in Iceland.
  • According to the Law of Iceland, a non-European citizen should present an amount of 4,000 Icelandic Krone per day which is equivalent to 28 Euros. Bank Statement regarding different visa types are discussed below

Iceland Student Visa Requirements for Pakistan

Iceland is an expensive country as compared to other countries of Europe. To apply for student visa of Iceland from Pakistan you need

  • Offer/Acceptance letter from any University/College in Iceland.
  • NOC from previously attended University/College in Pakistan.
  • 6 months old bank statement amounting 3 Million (30 Lacs) Pakistani Rupees. You can consult your University/College in Iceland for this purpose as well.

Iceland Visit Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

You can apply for a self, family or friend visit visa. For acquiring a visit visa you will have to provide following details

  • If you are sponsored by a family member or friend in Iceland, then you will need to provide the invitation letter. It is important for your family or friend to provide a colour photocopy of their passport.
  • In case of family visit, you need to provide your Form-B. You can obtain your Form-B from your nearest NADRA office. Moreover, the Form-B should show your relationship with the person who invites you to Iceland.
  • If you are visiting your spouse in Iceland, then you have to provide Nikah Nama translated into In addition to this, a marriage certificate from NADRA is also compulsory. You should attest both documents from Ministry of Foreign Affairs before presenting to Embassy.
  • At least 6 months old bank statement is important to apply for the travel visa. Multiply 28 Euros with the days you have planned to spend in Iceland. For example, if you are planning to stay for one month, you should an amount equal to 2000 Euros. In total, your last six months statement should not be less than 1.5 Million Pakistani Rupees.

Medical Purpose Visa for Iceland

  • A local medical report suggesting treatment in Iceland.
  • Letter of appointment from the doctor in Iceland stating the purpose and date of visit.
  • Proof of medical fee paid.

Iceland Business Visa from Pakistan

  • Letter of invitation from the business firm you are planning to visit.
  • Reservation of the accommodation or hotel during your stay in Iceland.
  • You will need to provide the bank statement of your company. The company must state in a separate letter that it will finance your stay in This applies only in the case when the partner company in Iceland is not covering your expenses.
  • The letter of recommendation and the certificate of registration (Orginal copy) of your company from Chamber of Commerce.
  • The documentation stating your partnership or business deal with the Icelandic company.

Iceland Entertainment/Culture/Sports Visa

  • You will need to acquire invitation letter from the respective authorities in Iceland.
  • You will need to specify the names of your crew members.
  • Period of Stay in Iceland must be clearly specified.


Finally, this is a short way to apply for Iceland visa from Pakistan. If you have any question in mind regarding visa process, let us know in the comments section

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  1. I am working in emirates group Dubai since last 6 year.
    Please guide me to apply for visit visa ad well opportunity for immigration.

  2. My name is zuhaib i want to see the bautiful and mind blowing cities and valcono. Of ice land well i need inviaion or with out invitation i apply for a viza

  3. Hlo sir hope you are quite well
    I am here in north Cyprus from 1 year I already visited many Asian countries like Qatar azerbijan dubai srilanka Maldive malysia now I am planning for my next tour I chose Iceland for his easy visa policy
    The question is that is Iceland is best country to attain a schengen visa I don’t have any invitation letter
    But I don’t want to settle there I will go there for one weak and will come back
    Refer me that schengen country which has better ratio

    • At the moment, you can apply for Belgium. As the visa policy is way better than any other country in Europe. From there, you can fly easily to Iceland

  4. Hi sir I am Muhammad Hamza khan Niazi and I am from Mianwali Pakistan I want to apply for graduate studies in Iceland how I can apply on government funded scholarship.. Kindly guide me

  5. Hi sir I am Muhammad Hamza khan Niazi and I am from Mianwali Pakistan I want to apply for graduate studies in Iceland how I can apply on government funded scholarship.. Kindly guide me

  6. Hi, Hello and hope you will fine there.

    My Name is Yasir Ali from Karachi – Pakistan, I want migrate in Iceland with my family, So you are requested to please help me, how I can apply Iceland visa? and where do we submit our documents for Iceland visa processing?

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  9. I am final year student of MBBS . Lahore pakistan . I want to visit few week in iceland are any other sechgen area country before my final exams as a tourist. Please guide me . I already visit Kazakhstan. Dubai. Malyisa. Please guide me at which country i apply for sechgen area country visa. I get easily sechgen area country visa.

  10. Hello sir I am retired from the air Force as associate engg diploma in mechanical aviation now I want to join any country in my past field how can apply for regarding my past experience job in urope or ice land there is any opportunity available for me of job

  11. Hi hello sir im.Arfan ullah from pakistan sir i need studant visa i complate petrochemical 3 year deploma IELTS is must or not Thenks


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