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How to Visit China by Road from Pakistan |CPEC| PAK China Bus Service

At last we have a Good news for the people who want to visit China by road from Pakistan. The new CPEC Passenger Bus Service from Lahore will carry passengers from Lahore to Kashgar (Xingjiang Province). Finally, this is a good news for the people who want to carry out business activities in China and Pakistan. The CPEC bus service is also an easy and cheap way to visit China from Pakistan by road.

China by Road from Pakistan, Schedules and Fare Cost

CPEC Passenger bus service will carry passenger from Pakistan every 4 days in a week.

  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday

And from China to Pakistan

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

Fare Cost of CPEC Passenger Service

The one-sided cost of trip is PKR 13,000. However, for the return ticket you will need to pay PKR 26,000. The Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are also included in the price of ticket. The bus will stop at different restaurants while on its way to China. So, you don’t need to pay for the food as it will be provided by the bus staff.

It will take nearly 36 hours by CPEC Passenger bus to reach China from Lahore.

Booking of Bus Tickets to China

The CPEC Bus will be operational somewhere in the first week of December,2018. The passengers will need to book the tickets 1 or 2 weeks before their intended date of travel.

More details will be revealed soon regarding how to book the ticket of CPEC Passenger Bus.

Travel Documents Needed for CPEC Passenger Service Bus

You will need the following documents while travelling to China by road from Pakistan.

  • Valid Pakistani Passport
  • NIC
  • Tourist Visa of China
  • Return Ticket of CPEC Passenger Service Bus
  • Invitation letter for the people travelling first time to China

The Benefits of Travelling China by Bus from Pakistan

There are a lot of benefits while travelling to China by road. However, the best of all is that you DON’T NEED ANY INVITATION LETTER FROM CHINESE TRAVEL AGENTS TO VISIT CHINA if you have traveled to China before. All you need to do is to just apply for the visit visa of China from Pakistan. For Pakistani’s there is no visa fee to apply the visit visa of China. All you need is to fill a simple ONLINE VISA FORM by clicking at the LINK HEREYou can get the visa of China in 4 to 5 days.

For the first timers, it is important to get the invitation letter from any travelling agency in China. In Pakistan, there are many travelling companies that can provide you an invitation letter for not more than PKR 15,000.

Furthermore, by travelling to China through bus you get a chance to enjoy the natural landscapes as well. You business trip becomes more of a road trip.

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