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How to Apply for Canada Visit Visa from Pakistan Easily

Canada is a dream country to visit for everyone around the world. Each year Canadian embassy in Pakistan receive thousands of application for Canada visit visa from Pakistan. Most of them get failed due to incomplete application or misguidance. First and most important thing when applying a visit to Canada is your intention to return to your home country. If you satisfy visa officer with your intentions to get back, then your visa is done 100%.

Canada Visit Visa from Pakistan

To apply for Canada visit visa from Pakistan, you will need to first visit the website of Canadian Immigration. You can visit the Visit Visa page by directly clicking Here.

  • Once you are on the website, you will see tabs like “Apply Online” and “Apply on Paper”. We advise you to go through Apply on Paper option and select your country as Pakistan as shown in the picture below
  • Canada visit visa from Pakistan
  • Click on “Get Documents” Tab and it will open a new list of documents you need to submit along with your visa application.

Canada visit visa details pakistan

  • Now in the list, you will see the documents needed like visa application form, family information form, etc. These are mandatory to fill and submit when applying a Canada visit visa from Pakistan. Keep in mind that the application form you fill plays an important role in acceptance or rejection of your visa. Therefore, fill the visa application form correctly and honestly. No matter, if you are deported or rejected from other countries in the world. Visa officer has nothing to do with it, all that matters is your trust and honesty.
  • There is no need to attach the document shown in the list called “Statutory Declaration of Common-Law” and “Visa Office Instructions” with your visa application.
  • Download the form like visa application form, checklist, family information form
  • In Family information form, you will just need to fill the details of your own family members, i-e blood relations like sister, brothers, father and mother. There is no need to mention your uncle, aunt or cousins who are living with you. Fill out the form on the computer or laptop and afterwards print it. Signature must be done by hand.

Filing your Visa Application for Canada from Pakistan

  • After filling, printing and signing all the four main forms like Visa application form, Family information form, Documents checklist, and Use of a Representative it is the time to file-up your visa application through VFS global in Pakistan.
  • From 31st July, Canadian government has changed the laws regarding Middle-East and Europe, you will need to submit your biometrics before your arrival to Canada.

Canada visitor visa fee

  • Winding up all, you will need at least hotel reservation and return ticket to facilitate your visa application. If you are working, then leave letter from your employer and job certificate is important to show as well.
  • After completing your file, you must visit the nearest VFS Global centre to submit your visa application. Click Here to redirect to the VFS Global website and apply for the appointment to submit your visa application. The main centres to submit your visa application are based in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Click on the “Contact Us” button to see the address of your nearest visa application centre.

Finally, this is how you can apply for Canada visit visa from Pakistan. If you are having difficulty in filing your visa application through VFS Global. Let us know in the comment section to help you out.

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