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Tips to get USA Visa on Pakistani Passport in 2019

Most of the people think that getting a USA visa on a Pakistani passport is nearly impossible. But they are wrong, as getting USA visa from Pakistan is easy if you provide the accurate information in your visa application form (DS-160). In this article, we will disclose some valuable tips to get USA visa on a Pakistani passport.

Tips to get USA Visa on Pakistani Passport

Before applying the visit visa of USA, there are some important tips to follow. These tips will increase any kind of doubts from the mind of visa officer and you as well. Keep in mind that you just have 3 to 5 minutes to convince the visa officer to give you a visa.

Tip #1 Fill your Visa Application Form (DS-160) by Yourself

One of the major reason your US visa gets rejected is because of providing false information to the visa officer. Never lie to the visa officer as they are experts with good judgment and experience.

One of the good ways to avoid this is to fill the visa application form (DS-160) by yourself. If you cannot fill your visa form, then you can ask someone to help you. But make sure that you remember the information that other fills on your behalf.

Tip #2  Do not Apply for B1/B2 USA Visit Visa alone from Pakistan

This tip is only concerned to the people applying from Pakistan. For example, you are applying from Pakistan and you have your family behind in Pakistan. If you apply along with a member of your family, then there are more chances to get a visa. You can apply for the visa along with your mother, father, sister, brother, wife, etc

Tips #3  Do Not Apply for Visa on a Blank Passport without Travel History

If you are planning to travel to the United States without any travelling history, then chances are less that you get a visa. The visa officer always looks at your travelling history. If you are a tourist and have never any travelled any country in your lifetime, chances are less that you get a visa.

Tip: Make sure you travel to countries like Turkey, Thailand, Singapore, etc before you apply for the United States.

Tips #4  Dressing is Important

Here we are not talking about wearing a too formal dress at your day of the interview. However, you should wear something that gives you a decent look. If you are travelling for business purpose,  wear light colour shirt and pant. If you are visiting as a tourist, a pair of t-shirt and jeans is enough. Your dressing must present your intention to visit the United States.

Tip #5  Do not Make Officer Realize that You Need a Visa

This is one of the most important steps in getting your visa approved. It is a key factor to get USA visa on a Pakistani passport. Be confident, not overconfident. Show them as getting a visa means nothing to you.

We have met people who have been rejected the first time and got a visa in the second attempt. If you are visiting a second time to the embassy for visit visa then visa officer might ask you why you had been refused the first time. Well simply answer the reason if you know, otherwise, just say that “I think I haven’t provided satisfactory answers the first time”.

If you knew why you were rejected the first time, simply fill that gap and you will surely get your visa this time. For any further details regarding US visit visa, drop your comments down below



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  1. Sir.I have a Request for United States second Time First time I Getting visa from Abu Dhabi UAE since 2001 visa category B1 B2 Now I’m very interested for United States second Time just 2 week visit then i come back Pakistan. My Nem Mohammad Arif khokhar from Pakistan please Answer me what is the Requirement for United States in Pakistan Embassy of Islamabad Thanks.

    • MR Muhammad Arif Khokhar, you will need the same documents DS-160 Visa application form, Bank Statment of last six months, Passport. Moreover, if you are doing job or running your own business, then the proof of those as well.

  2. Really , best informations . i wish learn more . i have travelling history . but , so oldest . Uk Italy Germany . Romania Turkey . Saudi Arabia etc


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