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How to Get China Student Visa from Pakistan 2019 [Complete Guide]

The World’s second largest economy, China is among the most popular study destinations for international students. China offers a lot of facilities to international students like paid scholarships and incentives to financially support their studies. Moreover, China is a rich country that allows students to witness different cultures and traditions. Studying is the world’s most developed country is truly an unforgettable experience. Cost of living and studying in China is cheaper than Europe, Canada and the United States. Here we will discuss with you how to get China student visa from Pakistan and win paid scholarship in China.

How to Get China Student Visa from Pakistan

Unlike most of the European countries, applying a Chinese student visa is a really simple process. In order to apply for student visa of China, you will just need to provide the following documents

  • A Valid Pakistani Passport
  • 4 Photographs with white background
  • 6 Months Old Bank Statement. It is important to present an original bank statement when you are visiting the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan
  • Offer/Acceptance letter from any university in China
  • You previous educational documents attested by IBCC, Foreign Office and HEC (if applying for Masters)
  • China visa application form. Click here to get the form

get china student visa from pakistan

How to Get Chinese Paid Scholarship 2019 CSC (China Scholarship Council)

To get CSC scholarship from Pakistan, you will need to follow these steps. Through this procedure, you will easily get acceptance/offer letter from institutes in China that offer paid scholarship to Pakistani students.

Login to CSC website

  • The first step in getting Chinese paid scholarship is to log in to China Scholarship Council website. You can simply go to Google and type in “CSC login”. The first step is to register on this website. We recommend you to register here using Gmail or Yahoo email. Note that you will need to enter the agency number on CSC’s website. Agency number is a unique number of each university in China. To get the Agency number you will need to visit the website of the Chinese university in which you are willing to study

Get your admission

  • After registering at CSC’s website, the next step is to find top universities in China that are associated with CSC. You can just type in Google search bar “Total universities of CSC in China”. In total there are 270 universities that are affiliated with CSC and recommended by HEC as well.
  • Note that in order to apply to multiple universities you will need to create multiple Gmail accounts for CSC and each Chinese university.
  • While applying online for different universities in China, you are asked to submit your educational documents online or send them by post. In the latter case, we recommend you to send your documents either by Pakistan Post or DHL. Pakistani post will charge you 500 and DHL not more than 2000. You should only send documents by post if your university asks you to send them, otherwise, you can submit online.



Admission or Processing Fee

  • Basically, there are two types of universities in China. One that asks you to pay a processing fee before offer letter, and others that do not ask you for any processing fee. If a university asks you for the processing fee, then it will send you the details of the bank account in which you have to submit the amount.

Admission/Scholarship Confirmation

  • After the processing or admission fee, the university will send you the confirmation email regarding admission. If your confirmation email, then you have availed the Paid Scholarship and admission to a Chinese university. You will travel to China as a paid scholar.

Visit Chinese Embassy in Pakistan

Take all the supporting documents we have discussed above along with your confirmation letter from the Chinese university. Visit your nearest Chinese Embassy and submit your documents.

Note: It is important to get your medical done in Pakistan before you travel to China, otherwise, it might take a lot of time and effort once you are in China.

Benefits of Chinese Paid Scholarship/CSC

  • It covers your living expense
  • It covers your food expense
  • Study expense


How long does it take to get china visa?

You must apply for the China student visa from Pakistan one month prior to your travelling date in China.

Is it legal to work on a student visa in China?

No, you cannot work on a student visa (X1 Visa) in China during your study career. However, you can part-time jobs and paid internships later when your course is finished.

How long does it take to get a China student visa?

Well, if you have all the documentation completed, it will take not more than 15 days to get your student visa of China.

Can you apply for a china student visa from other countries?

It depends upon your status in the country from where you are applying for the visa. If you are a permanent resident in that country, you can apply for the visa. However, if you are on a tourist visa, then it is better to apply from your own country.

What is the cost of China student visa from Pakistan?

The cost of China studetn visa from Pakistan is $30.



Why study in China?

China is the second largest economy in the world. After 2022, it will become the most powerful country in the world. Technology and medical sectors are already at the boom in China. More industries are trending at a very fast rate. This will allow International students from all over the world with an opportunity to learn advanced skills. Moreover, it will allow students high paid jobs in China.

Finally, if you were wondering how to get China student visa from Pakistan, moreover, paid scholarships then we got everything covered here. If you still have any question in mind then let us know in the comment section down.

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  1. Do I only need to attest my marksheets or do i need to attest my medical exam as well?
    Also, do my marksheets only need to be attested by the ibcc and foreign affairs office or is there anywhere else i should go for attestation as well?

    • Yes you need to attest your mark sheet as well. If you have done Bachelors or Masters, then you need to attest them from HEC. As IBCC only attest SSC and HSSC certificates and mark sheets.


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