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How To Apply For Germany Visa From Pakistan

How To Apply For Germany Visa From Pakistan. Germany is a beautiful country. It is also among powerful countries of the world. The beauty of Germany is not only with regard to its beautiful location and sceneries but also with respect to life there and opportunities for life. There is low unemployment and high growth rate. Germany is quite a perfect place for studying, working and also for tourism and living. Education for residents is free. It is a safe country with latest security arrangements and standards and attractive working and living environment.German employers are seeking highly educated and qualified people for working with them in good positions. These employers encourage young & skilled persons to get there and find jobs. So if your next goal is to get good job, education, leisure, tourism or just for living, there you must visit Germany. Here is the complete guide for how to apply for Germany visa from Pakistan.


While applying for German VISA that is basically the Schengen VISA certain documents need to be completed before an appointment to be made. Germany is part of Schengen countries and hence you would basically be applying for Schengen visa. Getting this visa allows you to visit and stay in more than one countries including Germany. This all is a matter of documentation and money. If you effectively manage both it is not difficult for you to get a German visa. Following are the documents need to be managed for getting German Visa. The list and details entered in these documents depend upon what visa type you want to get. These documents include;

How To Apply For Germany Visa From Pakistan

  • Application form
  • Passport
  • Photos
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Traveler health insurance
  • Itinerary
  • Bank statement
  • Status of the applicant

We will be going through these requirements one by one in the following paragraphs.

  1. Application form

Normally filling the application form is the first step which can be downloaded online. Here you must insert detailed plus accurate information including the reason for travelling. The application form should preferably be filled in capital letters. As form filling is online so handwriting won`t be a problem at all.If you have visited Germany before, you can fill the application online but for those who are applying for the first time, it is better to handover application form along with other mentioned documents to the respective authorities in person. For this you need to get an appointment to embassy. For other cases, applicants can mail the scanned documents to authorities.

  1. Passport

Validity is a matter of consideration. Passport must be valid for at least six months before due date. This is the eligibility criteria to get Germany visa.

  1. Photo requirement

2 photos for each application form are required. Photos are also required to be as per certain criteria which must be met.

  1. Accommodation

There must be proof of bookings and payment for arrangements of accommodation in the Germany. This documented proof needs to be sent to consulate/Embassy along with specified other documents. Majority of the applicants mention that they will be residing with their relatives or friends. If that is your case, you need to provide copy of ID of respective relatives or friends and passport plus proof of their support for your stay. It is mandatory to provide this proof.

  1. Transportation

You need to provide the purchased return-ticket for the specified duration as planned for your trip.

  1. Traveler health insurance

Health insurance documents must be valid and so is the case for insurance purchased. This health insurance must cover duration of your stay in the Germany.

  1. Itinerary

There could be various purposes for travelling, if you want to travel to Germany for leisure time spending or for tourism then copy of detailed itinerary is to be provided.

  1. Bank statement

You need to indicate sound financial position and for this purpose bank statement is required. This is a formal statement issued from a financial institution that should cover at least last three months before statement date.

  1. Status

Status varies with respect to purpose of travelling.

For students, they need to provide hand-in proof for their enrollment in educational institution plus formal letter issued by designated authorities allowing permission for travelling during specific period.

Those having employment they need to provide contract copy plus permit letter issued by employer for taking annual leaves during that specific period.

In case of self-employed persons there should hand-in formal documents that confirm business particulars such as VAT registration, CK1 registration documents, along with details of business activities.


Minors can also get German visa by providing original certificate of birth along with other documents. Those travelling alone need to provide permission from both parents representing signature within application form with a formal requested letter. In case mother or father accompany minor child, still there is requirement for permission from both parents.

Documentation Requirements as Per Nature Of Visa

As per need for type of visa applied for, certain differences exist with regard to documentation requirements which are as following;

  • Tourist visa does not need formal invitation letters of any kind and hence application is processed with fewer requirements to be accomplished
  • Student visa requires acceptance letter from educational institutes where you intend to study. It must also come with financial sustainability support for the period to be spent in Germany
  • Those travelling for business purposes mush have formal document in the form of invitation letter. This should be issued by resident party of Germany along with full explanation of reason for visiting
  • Those seeking employment in Germany, they need to provide letter issued from their employer. This letter should state designation over job, duration of employment, date of entering & leaving the country and nature of job.


For students who want to get themselves educated from any German University, they need to apply for visa on the basis of student visa.Every year large numbers of students from Pakistan leave to abroad for higher education. There are students who want to continue their study in Germany. Germany is considered among best countries for higher education. There are multiple universities in Germany offering education for foreign students. Visa process requirements for such students are as following;

One must have proof of his applying to respective university along with his eligibility for such admission. Form the option to select visa type in the application form you must select student visa because there is no later on conversion from one visa type to another. There are some regulations for international students wanting to study in Germany that must be complied with. Student visa validity is 3 months if a student is not currently enrolled with any university. After getting admission student visa can be transformed to permanent residing. A certificate of financial support as well as admission proof is to be submitted. These should be valid for one year.

Documents Needed to Apply Germany Student Visa

Student requires following documents;

  • Valid passport
  • Photographs (passport size)
  • University admission entitlement as recognition in the Germany
  • Past academic record
  • Proof of support for one year
  • Admission notification from university

Rest of the process for submission of application to embassy is the same as is mentioned in other areas for knowing how to apply for Germany visa from Pakistan.


The German visa requirements for Pakistani citizens are the same as mentioned in other areas of this article. The difference arises in types of visa. For example for students, they need to select option of student visa in the application form and also need to provide separately documents including financial support, admission details, past educational records etc. In case of work visa these requirements change to selection of work visa and description of employments in the past. Depending upon the type of visa, requirements vary to some extent. Some of the requirements however remain same such as submission of application form, financial details, past record and appointment for interview.


Germany visa application forms are available at various online sites but it is better to get it from official site, embassy site. For filling application form you need to enter details under different heads such as following;

Personal data

Here you are required to enter surname, first name, DOB, POB, country of birth, nationalities, gender and marital status.

Parents/legal guardian

Details to enter here include surname of father & mother, first name of father & mother, current nationality of the mother and address of the legal guardian.

ID NO & Travel Documents

Here you will write about national identity number, types of the travel documents whether ordinary passport, group passport, protection passport, diplomatic passport, service passport, official duty passport, special passport etc. there are different options from which you can choose your respective type. Then number of travel document, DOI of travel document, validity, issuing state, issued by and issued in particulars.

Home address & e-mail address of applicant

Next head to complete in the application form is that of residential and communication details. This includes particulars about house number, street, some additional address, if there is one, postal code, city, country, phone number and e-mail address. In the next head you are required to tell whether you have residence in any other country or not. If this is so, type of the permit you have for residence and its number along with validity details need to be entered.


You need to select current occupation and write about employer name and address of your work area.

Travel data

This section is of most importance. It has a sub-section requiring selecting main purpose for your journey to Germany. There are different options available from which you need to correctly select yours. Options like medical reasons, business, culture, study, official visit, sports, visiting friends/relatives, tourism, transit, airport transit are there. If you have any other purpose you need to choose other and there you will be specifying the other reason in the box write down to the box for main purpose. Next thing to select here is the destination member state, intended arrival and departure date and duration of stay. If you have any previously issued Schengen visa record during last 3 years, you need to check the boxes of yes or now.


If you have previous record of applying for Schengen visa, you need to tell whether any fingerprints were collected at that time or not.

Entry permit

This section requires details of entry permit type, number of entry permits, destination, issued by, validity etc.


If you have any reference then you can mention here, otherwise simply select no reference option. Other details to provide relate to that of respective reference. You need to specify who will be bearing the travelling & living cost of applicant along with means of that support.


In case your sponsor is different from your reference person/organization you need to provide its details as well.

Citizenship of other unions

If you have citizenship of any other union of the world such as European Union, Switzerland or EEA, you need to provide its particulars as well.


If you are a Pakistani and want to seek German visa for working over there, here is the complete guidance. For working in the Germany you need to get a job seeking visa for this go through this detail about how to apply for Germany visa from Pakistan. This visa is mainly a residency permit for long duration allowing person to stay there for about 6 months while looking for job. If you are successful during your stay to get a job then next step is to get work visa from Germany or a work permit that is permission for working and living there.It is a point of importance that one cannot start work immediately after getting work visa. It is just to facilitate your search for job. You need to get job permit for starting work actually. In order to get work visa, you require fulfilling following criteria;

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Compilation of necessary documents
  • Fillingout application form
  • Booking visa appointment

Several criteria need to be fulfilled for this purpose, including;

  • Visa applicant should hold a Master`s or Bachelor’s degree from some German University. If this is not so, then from and equivalent foreign university
    he/she must have at least five years of experience in respective study field
  • Proof for enough funds enough to cover staying expenses during stay in Germany
  • Medical or travel insurance for duration of Germany stay or till one gets his/her work permit
  • Fulfilling these criteria get you close to getting a work visa.

If you checked all of the criteria, then you’re one step closer to getting your visa.


Document compilation is the next step required for attachment to the application form. These are the documents to assure non-rejection of your application due to unavailability of documents. These documents include;

  • Valid passport that must be 10 years old and for minimum of twelve months after scheduled return
  • Copy of data page of passport
  • Three passport size picture as per biometric specifications
  • Cover letter explaining purpose of visit, plan for finding employment in Germany as well as alternative career strategies in case of failure to get job
  • Degree diploma or other academic qualification proof from German/Non-German university plus certificate of work experience in the past
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Accommodation arrangement proof in the Germany
  • Financial situation documents like bank statement proving availability of finance during stay
  • Personal status proof in home country including marriage certificate, birth certificate and other documents, all certified in English
  • Health insurance proof

For fulfillment of requirement 2 sets should be prepared for these documents. Take these to application center. Though it is great to have complete documents but it is not a guarantee for grant of visa. Final decision will be that of application center.


Gathering necessary documents form the basis for filling application form that is the final stage before going to German Embassy for visa. After submission of form, an appointment is booked for interview by the embassy. Background, documents, form of application as well as interview determines the grant or refusal of application for visa. Those determined to get work visa, must follow these guidelines by preparing good application and other details.


Germany is a good choice for both work and study. While you apply for the visa, make sure you are fulfilling the entire requirements so as to leave no space for rejection of silly grounds. So get set and start preparing for your dream to study in Germany.

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    Do I need to prepare bank statement to show funds? If so how much? Should those funds be in German bank?
    I don’t get the requirement of residence address. To rent an apartment, they require visa and bank account. And for both these things, they want residence address. I don’t get it. Should i book a hotel/Airbnb and show that as address on visa application?
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