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Germany Government Passed New Work Visa Immigration Law 2019

A lot of people from Pakistan were eager to apply for Germany Work visa directly. But due to some reasons, Germany was not accepting the application as its government was working on a new work visa law for immigrants. But, finally, on 9th May 2019, the German government has finally passed Germany New Work Visa Immigration Law.

Germany New Work Visa Immigration Law 2019

As most of you know that Germany is facing a shortage of labor, especially technical labor. Recently, the German government has passed new immigration law, according to which foreigners will be able to apply for the work visa of Germany without having higher qualifications.

Germany New Work Visa Immigration Law

Main Points of the New Work Law of Germany

According to the new law,

  • Now the people living outside Germany will be able to apply for the relevant job directly to the intended employer in Germany. Before this law, the employer in Germany had to take permission from the German government to sponsor any person for a job. Now, this rule has been abolished.
  • By 2030, Germany will need nearly 3 Million people from outside Europe to overcome the labour shortage in the market.
  • For the first time in the History of Germany, People with technical or vocational skills like Plumber, Carpenter, Electricians, Welders will be given a chance to apply for the German work visa from Pakistan.

When You Can Apply for this Program?

According to the German Government, People from all over the world will be able to apply for this program after 1st January 2020.

Benefits for Vocational and Technical Workers

Under the new law of Germany, technical and vocational workers will get the most out of it. Yes, Germany needs labour with technical skills and if you have you have an internationally recognized diploma from a recognized technical, then you are good to go.

Will you need to learn the German Language?

At the moment language eligibility is not confirmed, but we recommend you to take a German language course in Pakistan. You must have at least a bit of knowledge of the German language before you move to Germany.

Finally, this was the latest news from Germany, share it with someone who you think have some skills and efforts. Leave us a comment, if you want to know how to apply further.

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