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Germany announces Immigration and Work Visa for Pakistani Citizens

A great news has finally arrived from Germany regarding Immigration and work visa. The news has been announced on the German news agency website as well. We have also discussed in our previous posts about the shortage of labour in Germany. There is a huge shortage of labour in the German industrial sector. According to the survey carried out in Germany, there will be a shortage of 3 Million people in Germany until 2030.

The Government of Pakistan has shown interest at this point to provide assistance to the German Government by providing skilled labour.  Pakistani Government will provide labour to Germany to overcome the shortage of labour.

Foreign Ministry of Germany has written a letter to the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan to participate in this cause. In the letter, it was written that “If Pakistan wants to provide skilled labour to Germany, then the applicants must fulfil the requirements in order to move to Germany”

Immigration and Work Visa for Pakistani Citizens

To overcome the shortage of labour in the market, the German government is implementing new plans and policies which will be ready by the end of December 2018. The new rules will make things simple for technical and highly educated people to immigrate to Germany from Pakistan.

Work in Germany for Foreigners

Germany has clearly stated that they need people with technical skills. Pakistan and India are the countries where people are highly skilled. Yes, now people with technical skills like Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Welder, etc can apply under this new policy. The Diploma holders in Pakistan are perfect to fall under this new policy of work visa by Germany. 

Eligibility for German Work Visa

The basic requirements for getting Job Seeker Visa of Germany are either you must be highly educated or you must possess a technical diploma. As our main focus in this article is for people who have low education but they have technical skills diploma. Click on the link to find more details for Germany Job Seeker Visa 

Finally, if both the German and Pakistani Government agree on the upcoming policies. Soon Pakistani labour will get immigration and work visa like Dubai and Saudi Arabia. We will update the application procedure soon as the policies are implemented by Germany. Let us know in the comments section if you possess any technical skill.




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  1. I am Dr Raheel Atif Hameed PhD in Agronomy, Agriculture, with more than 15 years experience in my field, a resident of Pakistan,

    I want work visa for Germany, kindly contact me and help me in this regard
    Dr Raheel Atif Hameed
    [email protected]

  2. Sir main concern is of family in germany can we have the family together or along with us?
    Because some one told me that your wife should be able to speak in english if she doesnt know english then will conduct an interview in which she should answer other wise they wont grant the visa to her?
    Is it right?


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