Free Education Countries for Pakistani Students

Free Education Countries for Pakistani Students 2019-(Complete Guide)

As an international student, it is very difficult to come up with your expenses and tuition fee. You have to work part time to pay your tuition fee in countries where education is very expensive. In this article, we will discuss 5 free education countries for Pakistani students. Now these five countries have nearly low to zero tuition fee at all.

Top Free Education Countries for Pakistani Students

Now as you know the cost of education is almost nothing when we talk about Europe. Only the European institutes allow you study without paying bag full of money. Moreover, the European universities and colleges are ranked among top rated in the world.

Below is the list of countries to study abroad free for Pakistani students.

free education countries for Pakistani students

1. Germany

Germany is one of the top countries in Western Europe. The official language is German but English is widely spoken and understood. Not only its strong economy, but its level of education attracts thousands of people every year. Germany is the best country to study abroad for Pakistani students. Nearly every German university offers courses in English for Pakistani students. University of Berlin, Technical University of Munich, University of Heidelberg and University of Freiberg are some of the well known tuition free universities for Pakistani students in Germany.

Germany also offers DAAD scholarship for Pakistani students. Besides this, you can also apply for other forms of Scholarship like Germany Foundation Scholarship, Erasmus Scholarship Program, etc. Germany is also a best country for study and work for Pakistani students.

2. Slovenia

Slovenia is another country in Central Europe. The official language is Slovenian and instruction of medium is English. If we talk about no Fee and cheap cost of living, then Slovenia is the best choice. Yes the people who have passed at least Matric can also apply for any College in Slovenia as well.
Maribor and Primorska are among the top universities in Slovenia. If we talk about easy student visa countries for Pakistani students, then Slovenia is our best choice. Getting the student visa for Slovenia is pretty easy from Pakistan.

FELU MBA Scholarship at University of Lublijana in Slovenia is the best program for Pakistani students. Also you can apply for MBA scholarships program as an international student in Slovenia.

3. Norway

One of the best countries in Northern Europe for students. If you want to earn money and study at the same time, then we recommend you this country. Norwegian colleges and universities provide education in Norwegian and English. Norway is a country where you will not face any language barrier as well. Almost 70% of the Norway’s population speaks and understand English. Students can get part time jobs even if they don’t know a single word of Norwegian.
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of Bergen, University of Nordland are among best universities in Norway.

4. Sweden

Yet another English speaking country in Northern Europe that offers low cost education. However, Swedish is the widely spoken language in Sweden, but nearly every person understands English. Swedish colleges and universities offer English language courses to International students.
Few years ago the education in Sweden was free but now it cost a little bit for International students. You just need to pay the basic taxes. Moreover, you need to pay tuition fee annualy not more than 3000 Euros, however, this amount depends on university/college basis.
Sweden also is a best country to work and study at the same time. You are paid in Swedish Krones.
University of Gothenburg, Jonkoping University, Dalarna University are some low fee universities for international students in Sweden.

5. Finland

Finland is a country in Northern Europe bordering Sweden. The official language of Finland is Finish. English is widely spoken and understood in Finland. This country offers free education for Pakistani students in different courses. Education in Finland was free before 2017, but recently you need to pay a little fee. You can avail scholarship offered by Finish universities/colleges.

Finally, these were the 5 free education countries for international students. If you want to know more about how to apply in these countries, let us know in the comment section below

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  1. I want to study for free in Norway.I am from Asian country and I want to do MS in sales and marketing .kindly tell me can I get admission there tell me about universities for free courses and also about part time jobs that whether i could study by doing job

  2. Most of this information is incomplete. Free education countries include the United States as well, but for that, you need to be a bright and hardworking student. There is nothing “free” as such; you have to prove yourself through your hard work that you “deserve” funding for your studies. If you need any guidance to study in the United States, you can contact me at [email protected]

  3. Sir my name is furqan ullah from Pakistan
    I completed in finance. I want to counties our education. But my parents is not saported our education. Sir please inform me for scholarship ms in finance

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  5. Sir I want to study abroad free… I want to do BS English although I’m doing my BS in English I’m in 3rd semester
    but I want to study abroad so can u plz give me some suggestions

  6. i hve completed my MS degree in English literature,and i am 44 years old ,can i apply for Phd in norweigen university??? if yes please do inform me as soon as possible ,i shall be thankful to you

  7. I’ve completed my MS degree in English literature now i want to apply in Phd in Norwegian university ,is thereany chance of admission . i am 44 years old .

  8. this information help me.
    I want to ask that my o level grades were not good almost I got D’s and E’s. I’m in As level. will I get admission in Germany or Norway or another?


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