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[Top 3] Countries that Give European Citizenship by Investment after 3 Years

Europe is a land of dreams for all those people who live in the Middle East. Countries in Europe are best to live, work, travel and study. One of the good things about living and working in European countries is that it leads to citizenship or nationality. Some countries in Europe give you nationality after 10 Years and some in just 3 years. Yes, in this article we will discuss those 3 countries that offer European citizenship by Investment after 3 years.

European citizenship by investment

European Citizenship by Investment

Getting your citizenship in Europe takes you a long time while you are studying or working. On the other hand, the short cut to get the residency of Europe is by investment.

EU Investor Visa

One of the best ways to get an EU residency is by Investing. EU Investor visa allows you to Invest your money in a specific country in Europe, the money you invest creates more jobs for the local people. As a return, you are offered citizenship of Europe after a short period of time.

How to get European Citizenship by Investment?

We have shortlisted 3 countries that offer European citizenship by investment after a very short period of time, mostly 3 years.

1.    Cyprus

One of the easiest and fastest ways to get an EU residency is by investing your money in Cyprus. On the other hand, Cyprus will offer you citizenship in just 6 months. You will get a Passport to Cyprus that allows you to travel to more than 150 countries in the world without any visa. You can work, live, travel or study anywhere in Europe you want. A total of 2.0 Million Euros must be invested in real state in Cyprus to get residency. For more details, Please Click Here.

2.    Austria

Unlike most of the EU countries, Austria allows you to get their passport by investing in their economy. Your investment in Austria created jobs which leads you to the EU Residency by investment. A minimum of 3 Million Euros must be invested directly into government funds to be eligible for this program.

3.    Portugal

Portugal is pretty famous when it comes to EU residency by investment. Portugal government launched its investor visa program back in 2012. It is one of the lowest forms of investment any other EU country offer till the time. You need to invest 500,000 Euros or 350,000 in real estate program in Portugal.  

Finally, these were the 3 countries that offer European citizenship to the foreigners in a very short time for investment. For further details, drop us a comment.

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