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New Rules Regarding Europe Visit Visa from Pakistan

Recently, the tourist visa for Europe also known as Schengen visa or C-Type Visa has seen new changes. There are some new points and rules that are introduced for Non-European citizens to apply for Schengen visa from their countries. Previously, if you had applied Europe visit visa from Pakistan, you might have noticed difficulties to get one. However, new changes made by the European Parliament has made things easier.

There are more 25 countries that fall under the Schengen Agreement in Europe. According to the Schengen Agreement, if you have a visa from any country, then you can enter other countries without any visa.

Europe Visit Visa from Pakistan

The new immigration law has been introduced by the European Parliament and Council regarding visit visa. This new law made by the European Parliament will take around 6 to 8 months until becoming fully functional in European Journal. However, there will be multiple benefits for the people in Pakistan who are willing to apply the visa of Europe.

In 2017 alone, 16.1 million people around the world were given visit visa of Europe. France and Germany were among the top countries to offer visit visas.

europe visit visa from Pakistan

New Changes Made in Application of Schengen Visa

There are a lot of changes made, however, most significant are listed below.

  • Previously, if you were applying for Europe visit visa from Pakistan, you need to file it 3 months before your intended date of travel. According to the new visit visa policy of Europe, you can now apply 6 months prior to your intended date of travel.
  • The new visa policy of Europe has also impacted the visa submission process at local embassies. For example, you want to apply visa of Latvia in Pakistan. But unfortunately, there is no embassy in Pakistan. In that situation, it was believed that you will need to move to another country to file the visa. According to the new policy, you do not need to move to another country to file the visa application of any European country now. For example, now it will be possible for you to apply for the visa of small European countries. However, which country will handle which visa is not discussed yet.
  • The visa fee has been increased from 60 Euros to 80 Euros according to new visa scheme.
  • The frequent travelers will be given Multiple Entry visit visas from now on. Moreover, it is possible that after the implementation of this new law, the health insurance needed to travel Europe might be eliminated.

Finally, the new visa policy regarding Europe visit visa from Pakistan is the game changes. In 2019, you can apply for the European countries that easily offer visit visa to Pakistanis. There will be no need to travel to another country to get your visa. For further details, let us know in the comments section below.

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