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Dr Afia Siddiqui Coming Back to Pakistan Soon | Latest News

Dr Afia Siddiqui, a Pakistani Neuroscientist was convicted for a felony in the United States back in 2010. She was sentenced to 86 years of imprisonment for 7 years attempted murder of US personnel.

Dr Afia Siddiqui Latest News

In November 2018, the Pakistani Senate passed a resolution seeking towards the release of Dr Afia Siddiqui and bring her back to Pakistan.

Before this, the officials from Pakistan raised many questions to the US government regarding the release of Dr Afia Siddiqui but failed.

 In the same month, Foreign Ministry of Pakistan shared a letter written by Dr Afia Siddiqui to Prime Minister Imran Khan. In the letter, Afia had written that “Imran Khan has supported me in the past also. I have always supported him as one of my biggest heroes”.

According to sources, the Pakistani Foreign Official in Houston met Dr Afia Siddiqui in Prison.

Apart from that, Dr Afia Siddiqui’s sister, Dr Fozia Siddiqui had played a vital role for her sister in this release. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told that Government will make all efforts to bring the “Daughter of Pakistan” back to the country.

There are rumours now that Dr Afia Siddiqui has been handed over to Pakistani Embassy in the United States and will soon be heading back to Pakistan InshAllah. On the other hand, there are rumours that the US has demanded something that will create more risks for Pakistan in future.

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