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Easy Way to Get Canada Work Visa from Pakistan

We are getting requests on our page and website about Canada work visa from Pakistan. In this article, we will let you know how to get work permit of Canada without involving an agent. Moreover, all you will need is to visit the Canadian Government’s website and search for the job you need according to your skills.

Canada Work Visa from Pakistan

When it comes to high salaries and quality work-life, no country is better than Canada. Indeed, Canada is among the top countries where people are satisfied with their job and work environment. Every year thousands of people from Pakistan apply for a work permit of Canada. Most of them are rejected because they either apply through fraud agencies or they don’t qualify for the job.

Things You Need to Get Canada Work Permit

First and the most important thing is to get the job offer from the Employer in Canada. This is where most of us get confused and visit agents who charge you high prices to get a job offer. However, if you have sufficient skills according to the job, then you don’t need to spend a single $ to get a job offer.

There are three ways to get a job offer

  • Your relatives or friends in Canada can arrange a job offer for you.
  • Trusted agencies across the world can arrange job offers for you which is costly.
  • The third way is through the certified website of the Canadian We are going to discuss with you this method today. Moreover, it will cost you nothing but just an internet connection and a PC J

The process of Getting a Job Offer from a Canadian Employer Online

First and most important thing is to visit the Official website of JobBank Canada. You can visit the website by clicking on the link Here. Please note that it is the certified website of Canadian Government, therefore, you don’t need to worry about any fraud or spams.

Once you are on the website, it will look like something in the picture below

Canada Work Visa from Pakistan

Now, if you have already created Express Entry Profile on Candian Immigration website, then you should use the website through signing-in at the bottom right corner of the website.

If you have not created any profile, then there is no need to sign-in. You can use this website and directly contact the employers in Canada through this website as well. However, the professions like Engineers and doctors, we advise you to create an Express Entry Profile. If not, then it is Okay.

As you can see below, we searched for an IT consultant in the Search Bar, it displayed 92 job offer results. You can search for any kind of jobs, like Electrician, Plumber, Mechanic etc.

Canada work permit

Now as you can see, we have selected a job  in the image below. It shows a description of the job along with the employment agencies. Please don’t worry, as these are the agencies that are verified by the Canadian Government. Further clicking on the “Full Job Posting”, you will be taken to the page of the employer who is offering the job.

Canada jobs pakistanis

Job Offer Canada

Once you are on the job offer page, you should read all the description, requirements and nature of the job. Once you are satisifeid with job offer, you need to go to the bottom of the page and email your CV to the employer. Your Employer may contact you on the number or Email you will provide in the CV.

Note that it is important to read the description of the job, as some jobs are only offered to the people living in Canada. Keep in mind that, it may take some time for Employers to contact you. After you get an offer letter half of your work is done. The Employer will send you the documents you need to present at the Canadian Embassy in Pakistan.

Finally, this is how you can get Canada to work visa from Pakistan for free without involving fraud agents and agencies. If you have any queries, please leave them in the comment section below.

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