5 Things to Get Canada Visit Visa from Pakistan 2019 [Complete Guide]

Some common myths about Canada visit are that you must show a high amount of bank statements, booking expensive hotels, good travelling history, etc. But these all factors can simply reject your visa application. The best way to get Canada to visit visa from Pakistan is to plan your travel. The rejection rate for Canada tourist visa is very high from Pakistan. The reason behind this is lack of knowledge and procedure to apply for the visa. In this article, we will disclose with you 5 tips that can lead you to success with your visitor visa application.

Canada Visit Visa from Pakistan

In order to file the successful visa application for Canada, you must first keep in mind the reasons that can reject your application. Once you have overcome the reasons for rejection, there are 100% chances of your visa approval. We will discuss with you the reasons that you can cover before applying your visa to Canada from Pakistan.

canada visit visa from pakistan

1.     Be a Genuine Visitor

As we have discussed before that in order to apply a tourist visa of Canada from Pakistan, you must show yourself a genuine tourist. One of the good ways to show yourself as a tourist is to attach a covering letter along with your visa application. You must express your visit plan in detail in the covering letter.

Furthermore, you must add some information about the places you will visit during your trip to Canada. You will have to mention how you will spend your budget during this period at different places. Moreover, you must show that you will not stay more than 10 to 15 days during that period.

2.     Travel History

Travelling history plays a very important role in a visit visa application for Canada. In the case of Canada, people with a good travelling history were also rejected because they just simply mentioned some places they have visited like Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. It is not important to have a strong travelling history, but you must show that you are a tourist who has visited different places during the holidays.

Please Keep in mind that a person with a Genuine travelling history is the one who visits not more than one or two countries in a year. Visa Officers are highly trained personnel, they can quickly judge your intentions to visit their country.

If you have shown yourself as a businessman in Pakistan, and you have visited 5 countries in a month, then they might think that how is it possible for a person with a business in Pakistan to leave his business and travel around the world. So be careful at this point and only show your Genuine travel history. It does not matter that you have travelled one country or five in the last 5 years.

3.     Financial Status

Most of the people in Pakistan believe that if they will show more than 50 Lacs as an account statement, then they will get the visa of Canada. You are wrong at this point, we personally know people who got Canada to visit visa from Pakistan with just 4 Lac Pakistani Rupees in their account. The amount that you will show in your account must be in accordance with your travel plan.

For example, if you are travelling for more  10 to 15 days, then a minimum of 4 Lac Pakistani Rupees is enough to show as your bank statement.

Proof of Funds

Now as you have shown 4 Lac Pakistani Rupees in your account, next thing is to show the source of that amount.

For example, you are a student, then you must show that amount is transferred from your father/mother bank account into your bank account.

If you are a businessman or salaried person, then you must show that it is the result of business transactions in your account or your salary slips. For a salaried person, it is important to show the letter from employer stating that you are going on holidays and will get back to your job.

Lastly, if you have a property on rent or a renting business, then you must show the evidence of that as well. Moreover, if you are a shareholder of a business, then you must show the evidence of that as well. If you pay taxes, then you must show the income tax certificate as well.

4.     Ties with your home country (Links)

Ties are among the most crucial factor in acceptance or rejection of your visa application. One of the strongest ties is when you are married and have children and wife in Pakistan.

What if you are not married? Do not worry as you may show your parents a strong tie. Your parents can declare that they are dependant upon you for a living and there is no one else to take care of them rather than you.

If you are a salaried person, then your employer can give you a letter stating that you will get back to the job after your holidays in Canada.

What if you are not a salaried person? Well, in this case, you can make small investments in business with your friends. Your friends can show you as their partner in the partnership deed. The main thing is to show your assets that will compel you to get back to Pakistan.

If you have property in Pakistan, then you have a very strong tie with your home country.

5.     Accommodation

Look for your accommodation before you file your visa application. Now it does not mean that book expensive hotels in Canada. No, a genuine tourist always saves his/her money while travelling. So look for cheap accommodations on booking.com or hostelworls.com. You can also get accommodation through couchsurfing.com which is free of cost.

Finally, these 5 things will help you to get Canada to visit visa from Pakistan without any problem. If you do not have a sponsor in Canada, there is no need as on visitor visa you do not need any sponsor in Canada. For further more details, comment down in the comments section.

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  1. I like travelling every year in my office holidays for a week or ten days… I’m planning to visit for Canada I think so I should apply for 10 days visa for Canada….

  2. I am gulf returned person. I have been in UAE for approximate 10 year. Bahrain and Saudi 3 year. I used to travel back to Pakistan every 1.5 month to 2 month. I lived 3 year in Bahrain and last year I used to travel every day to Saudi from Bahrain. I had my account in UAE where company deposited my salary. I was working as project manager. I don’t have account statement in Pakistan. What you suggest in above back ground?

  3. What is the five things to travel Canada please I won’t to process my visit visa for canada from u please send me your cell number I won’t to talk to u thanks regards
    My cell is 03008635230
    My name is syed Rehan asim from karachi

  4. hi thr.
    sir, i have my nephew in canada he is canadian citizen. he can send me invitation letter from canada.in this case if he invites me to come canada,there is any need of hotel booking for my stay? becoz am planning to stay with him.i also spend 2 years in UK as student.am runing my busines,am married and also have childrens and property..
    plz guide me further.

  5. Hi,
    You have shared very informative and important things. I share my experience with you. My visit visa refused on the basis that “Applicant’s country conditions not stable and financial health of applicant not strong”.. whereas I have provided every possible document to support my status. What would you comment on their remarks.

  6. Hi sir I am Epress your gaydnes because I am alredy visiting 19 countries and I know how to applying visit Visa butt your infarmation better then me so I need to be a applying Canada visit Visa for 2 weeks please contact me back and I’ll give infarmation about my passport and my businesses I hope I get Canada visit Visa easly because i think i deserve about this your infarmation so I’m wheting for your reply?


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