Canada Visa from Pakistan Requirements

Canada Visa from Pakistan Requirements

Recently, Canada is preferred by millions of immigrants around the world. Even on our Facebook page, we get a lot of questions regarding the Canada visa. Getting the visa of Canada is a bit tough on Pakistani passport in first attempt. For the visa of Canada, you will need to show strong ties to your home country. In this Article, we will discuss Canada visa from Pakistan requirements in detail. Moreover, these points may also serve as a tips for Canada visa for Pakistani nationals.

Canada Visa from Pakistan Requirements

Just like the visa of Canada, the requirements you need to fulfill in order to apply for the visa are lengthy as well. Here we will discuss about only visit visa of Canada. However, there are other programs as well to enter Canada like Express Entry, investor visa or study visa, etc.

Normally, there are 50% chances of getting a visa for Canada even if you have a good travelling history. Moreover, please be aware of agents who promise you to get a visa for Canada in return for huge payments.

Canada Visa from Pakistan Requirements

You Need a Strong Reason to Visit Canada

In order to apply for the visit visa of Canada as a Pakistani national, you will need a strong reason. Even if you have a good travelling history in the countries like Malaysia, Dubai, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. For the visa of Canada, these countries do not matter as much.

However, if you have also visited European countries like UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland along with the Asian countries then you have a strong reason to visit Canada. The Schengen visa or a USA visa on your passport is a very strong factor.

How much Bank Statement you for Canada Visit Visa?

For the visit visa of Canada, you will need at least Pakistani 15 to 20 Lac Rupees as a bank statement.

If you are Married or Possess Property in Pakistan

Again, being married or possession of personal property in Pakistan makes your case stronger. Moreover, if you are married and have children then your ties with home country are much stronger.

Visa of Canada is paper-based and not interview-based. Therefore, you will need to present all your documents at the visa application centre. In Pakistan, Gerry’s office deals with the visa applications of Canada.

Moving to Canada on an Event or Seminar

You may consider this as a tip for Canada visa from Pakistan Requirments. If by any means you get an invitation letter from a company or seminar in Canada to attend an event, then there are more chances of getting a visa.

This tip might work for the people who don’t have a good travelling history. It will eliminate the reason that you are not travelling to Canada for leisure but to attend an event there.

Invitation Letter from a Canadian National

If you have someone in Canada like relative, family member, friend, spouse, etc then it is a plus point for you. Your sponsor will send a letter to immigration as well as to you. You will need to present that letter while submitting visa application.

How Apply for Visa of Canada from Pakistan?

In order to apply for visa of Canada from Pakistan, you will need to visit website of VFS Global Pakistan. You may also visit the link directly by clicking HERE.

The application procedure is really easy in 3 steps. However, if you find anything difficult, then let us know in the comments section.

After the application through VFS global, you will need to wait for one month in order to collect your passport.

The visa application form and visa fee can be submitted online through the VFS Global website. However, the supporting documents you need are submitted along with the visa application at Gerry’s centre near to your city.

Some Canada visa from Pakistan requirements are as below

  • A valid Pakistani passport
  • Bank statement as mentioned before
  • If you are a businessman, then documents related to your business like registration, NTN, etc.
  • Marriage certificate (If Applicable)
  • If you are working in government or private organization, then covering letter of your current job.

Finally, these were some requirements and tips regarding Canada visa from Pakistan. If you have any queries, let us know in comments.

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