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Successful Tips for Business Visit Visa from Pakistan to Canada, USA and Europe

It has been seen most of the times that people get confused when applying for a business visit visa from Pakistan to overseas. You have investment and strong business ties, but you still get refused. Well, the reason for this confusion occurs due to the documents you need to apply for a visa. Agents take this opportunity and charge you a high fee for preparing documents on behalf of your business.

Business Visit Visa from Pakistan to Canada, USA and Europe

Whenever you apply for a business visit visa to any other country out of Pakistan, you will need supporting documents regarding your job or business. If you are doing a job with a high paid salary, then there are more chances to get a visa. On the other side, if your salary is not that much, then it is better to not mention it while applying for the visa.

business visit visa from pakistan

Business Visit Documents Required

The first thing that comes to every person’s mind is when applying a business visit visa from Pakistan to USA, Canada or Europe is a heavy investment. People think that you should be running a Hi-Fi business with huge investment and income. You are wrong.

However, making business documents in Pakistan is not a big deal. Moreover, you might get them after spending a few thousand Rupees. Once you make your business documents, it will benefit you throughout your life. Upon those documents, you can apply for a business visit visa from Pakistan to any country in the world.

Requirements of Business Visit Visa

Here are the most important documents you need to apply for a business visit. You can get them easily without any agents or agencies.

1.    Firm Registration Certificate

Firm Registration Certificate shows the nature of your business. You can register the business in your name or make partners as well. More value is given to a business that involves 2 or more partners.

How to Register your Business in Pakistan

There are two ways to register your business in Pakistan.

 DC Office

You visit DC Office in your city to register your business. In Pakistan, the fee to register a business is around Rs. 1000. The fee can be deposited on a Challan Form in National Bank of Pakistan.

If you to register a partnership business, then a partnership deed is required for the business. You can get one from your local judiciary.

Register Business Online in Pakistan

Another way to register your business in through the online SECP website. Click Here to visit the website. You can select the name of your company at this website and register it. The fee for registering the company is Rs. 1000. You can pay via an online method or by Challan as well.

It is a government website, therefore you will need your CNIC to signup on the website and register.

2.    National Tax Number (NTN)

The second important document you need when applying a business visit visa from Pakistan is NTN.

Before applying for an NTN, you must register your company and open a bank account in the name of your company. Opening a bank account, you will need the registration certificate and Letter Head Pad of your company.

You can apply for an NTN online via FBR Pakistan Website.

3.    Membership of Chamber of Commerce

The third and last document you need is membership of Chamber of Commerce in Pakistan. Its fee is around 3 to 4 thousand Rupees in Pakistan.

The last thing you need to do is to maintain your business bank account. Make transaction once in a week so that it looks like a running account.

Finally, these were the three main tips for successful business visit visa from Pakistan to USA, Canada and Europe. Please note that when preparing these documents, you are not required to mention your investments anywhere. Because this is your own business, it depends upon you how much your investment in it. If you have any queries, drop them in the comment section.

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