bulgaria visit visa from pakistan

Complete Information Regarding Bulgaria Visit Visa from Pakistan

We have been continuously receiving requests regarding countries that offer visa easily to people from Pakistan. Therefore, today we will discuss the Buglaria visit visa from Pakistan. Once you have the visa on your Pakistani Passport, you will 100% get entry to other European countries without any worries.

Bulgaria Visit Visa from Pakistan

Bulgaria is a country in Europe that borders with Turkey, Romania, Serbia and Albania. Moreover, unlike other European countries, Bulgaria does not requires a deep travelling history to apply for the visa. Bulgaria, however, does not lies under the Schengen visa policy but still is a great opportunity to enter other European states (by legal means).

bulgaria visit visa from pakistan

Requirements for Bulgaria Visa for Pakistani Citizens

In order to apply for Bulgaria Visit Visa, you will need to fulfill the following documents

1.    Invitation Letter or Hotel Reservation

In order to apply for the visit visa of Bulgaria, either you will need a invitation letter from a family member or friend or a Hotel reservation. In case you dont have invitation letter, then it is OK to go with Hotel Reservation as well. You can consult Booking.com or Trip Advisor to get a hotel reservation in Bulgaria for free.

2.    Letter from Employer

Now this is meant for the people who are working in Pakistan. If you are working in a private or government sector in Pakistan, then you will need to get a letter of employment from your company or department in Pakistan.

  • You are a student, then you dont need to provide any letter of employment.
  • If you are a businessman, then you will need to provide documents regarding your business like Registration, Tax information, etc.

3.    Bank Statement

It is important to provide the bank statement for the last 3 months. We recommend to show a minimum of Rs. 10 Lac Rupees in your bank account.

For students, the bank statement of your parents or siblings can work on their behalf.

4.    Visa Application form for Bulgaria Visa

Visa Application form is necessary to fill when applying the visa for Bulgaria from Pakistan. You can get the visa application form for Bulgaria by Clicking HERE. Download the form and fill it carefully.

Travelling and Supporting Documents

Here are other supporting and travelling documents for Bulgaria

  • Passport at least valid for six months. Moreover, your passport must be issued for 10 years. A 5 years issued passport is not recommended for Bulgaria.
  • Photocopy of first page of your passport.
  • If you have any other visa issued on your passport, then one photocopy of that page is also important. If you have any Schengen visa pasted on your passport, then we guarantee 100% that you will get the visa of Bulgaria. Even if you have Turkey visa on your passport, then there are maximum chances for visa of Bulgaria.
  • 4 clear passport sized photographs with light background.
  • Medical Travel insurance of 30,000 Euros for at least one year. You can get easily for Pakistani 12,000 Rupees from any city in Pakistan.
  • A return air ticket reservation is important to present with your visa application.

You can also see the checklist of Bulgaria Visit Visa from Pakistan.

Finally, it is really easy to apply the visa of Bulgaria as a Pakistani Citizen. All you need is to carry the documents to Bulgaria Embassy in Islamabad located in Diplomatic Enclave. The visa fee is not more than 15 thousand Pakistani Rupees. If you have any queries, then let us know in the comment below

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  1. Hi. I am a Pakistani citizen. I want to apply for a private family visit visa for my whole family. My real brother (Ireland nationalist) wants me and my family to visit him for a short stay. He has sent me sponser letter for that. Please guide me for further required documents on my behalf and my brother bahalf as well.
    Thank you


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