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Best Travel Insurance Companies in Pakistan – (Guide for Travellers)

Travel insurance or Medical Expense Coverage is important to carry when you travel abroad to countries who demand it. It covers your dental, medical or accidental care while you are on a trip to another country. Moreover, travel insurance also offers you benefit in case of trip cancellation or mishaps. It also covers you against lost of stolen luggage and high medical costs. Every year from Pakistan, a lot of people travel to Europe. Most of the European countries have declared travel insurance as the important document to get a visa. We will discuss some of the best travel insurance companies in Pakistan to make things simpler.

Best Travel Insurance Companies in Pakistan

Here is the list of best insurance companies to get your travel insurance

  • East West Insurance Company
  • EFU General
  • IGI
  • Shaheen Insurance
  • Askari General Insurance

East West Insurance Company

When it comes to get the best travel insurance in Pakistan, we will recommend East West Insurance Company. You will find their offices in nearly every major city of Pakistan. For European countries, they provide coverage up to 30,000 Euros for 1 year. You will need to pay around 15 to 20,000 PKR to get this insurance. However, for the latest quotes, please Click Here.

EFU General

Most of you will be aware of EFU due to their life insurance policies. EFU also provides travel insurance quotes at a very reasonable price. Moreover, if you are on a student visa, then we recommend you to go for EFU. The company covers you in all aspects like health, luggage lost, dental care and tuition fee as well. For travel insurance quotes from EFU Click Here.


If you are travelling to Schengen states across Europe, then IGI travel insurance policies might amaze you. They cover you up to $100,000 for medical expenses and hospitalization. Do not worry as $100,000 is not the price IGI will charge you, it is the amount that they will spend upon you in case of mishaps. Click Here to visit the IGI insurance site and get your quote.

Shaheen Insurance

If someone is living in Karachi or Islamabad, then they definitely knew about Shaheen Insurance company. They offer a wide range of services in which travel insurance is among the top. The prices are reasonable and coverage is great. Get your quote today by visiting HERE.

Askari General insurance

Yet of one of the best travel insurance companies in Pakistan, Askari General provides you peace of mind while roaming abroad. The Schengen plan covers all the benefits you need to travel Europe. Askari Insurance has offices in major cities of Pakistan. You can see the packages by Clicking HERE.

Finally, there are a lot of more other companies in Pakistan you can deal with. But the ones we have discussed above are certified by different Embassies to deal with travel insurance. If you find difficulty in getting travel insurance, then let us know in the comment section below.

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