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5 “Most Beautiful Places to see in Pakistan” in 2019

Today, we are not going to write about any European or Western country. Indeed, we will talk about the most under-rated beautiful country Pakistan. We know you might have heard about Switzerland, Iceland, Finland, Italy, Germany, and many other countries, but what about Pakistan? Being only known for so-called terrorism, there are more beautiful sights that Pakistan has to offer. Places that you will not have heard off or seen in your entire life.

5 Most Beautiful Places to see in Pakistan in 2019

Now, the people who are already living in Pakistan know about places like Lake Saif Ul Malook, Murree, Nathiagali, Abbottabad, Swat, and Kalam. But we are not talking about them anymore in this article. Forget about those places as they are crowded with thousands of tourists every day. We are talking about the real Pakistan, untrodden Pakistan. Yes, the places that are not easily accessible by humanity.

Here is the list of beautiful places to see in Pakistan in 2019.

  • Ratti Gali Lake
  • Cold Desert Skardu
  • Sadpara Lake
  • Fairy Meadows
  • Attabad Lake

Ratti Gali Lake

beautiful places to see in pakistan in 2019

Ratti Gali Lake is glacial lake situated in Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir. We bet that you will get hypnotized by the nature around this lake. Beautiful red wildflowers carpet the whole area around the lake in summer season. Ratti Gali Lake is a true wonder of nature as it is surrounded by lush green mountains and glacier that fed the lake.

To reach the lake, you have to take an adventurous and dangerous jeep ride of 2 hours from Dawariyan Village in Upper Neelum.

Cold Desert Skardu

beautiful places pakistan 2019

Yes, you might have heard of a hot desert in your life but things are opposite in the Cold Desert of Skardu. It is not only cold but also one of the Worlds highest desert situated in Pakistan. Moreover, it’s a mesmerizing cold night and sandy view make it the most beautiful places to see in Pakistan 2019 with your family.

Sadpara Lake

sadpara lake pakistan to see

Just forget about visiting Lake Saif ul Malook this summer and pay a visit to Sadpara Lake. Bright and Blue bursting with surrounding Snow capped mountains, Sadpara lake is a must-visit destination. Sadpara Lake is can be accessed by taking a jeep ride from Skardu city. Spend a night with your friends at the lake and witness the Milkyway at its fullest.

Aside Sadpara lake, you can also visit the Kachura Lake also known as Shangrila Lake. It is one of the most breathtaking places in Pakistan. There is a Coffe shop and a restaurant inside abandoned planed crashed a few decades ago.

Fairy Meadows

fairy meadows places in pakistan to see

Believe it or not, Fairy Meadows is the World’s most beautiful Place you will ever visit in your life. It will take your breath away at first sight. If we are not wrong, it will take your breath away on your to meadows as well. If you are faint-hearted, then we advise you not to visit Fairy Meadows. The road to Fairy Meadows can only be covered via Jeep Ride and is extremely dangerous. In addition to this, it is the World’s Second Most dangerous road located in Pakistan called the Death Road. But you might have heard the famous saying “The Most Difficult Roads Always Lead to Beautiful Destinations”, same is the case for the Fairy Meadows.

Attabad Lake

beautiful places visit pakistan

The Attabad lake is a beautiful reminder that there can be beauty and tragedy at the same time. The Attabad lake was formed due to a landslide a few years back in Hindukush Region of Pakistan. The river that used to flow through the mountains was blocked by the massive landslide and give birth to Attabad Lake. The icy blue water and snow-capped mountains around the lake make are a contrasting combination of nature. Furthermore, the majestic blue water and surrounding nature turn a simple boat ride into never-ending memory.

Finally, there were few out of many beautiful places to see in Pakistan in 2019. All we want to do is to promote the natural beauty of Pakistan. The Government should promote these places to foreigners who want to visit Pakistan. Which of the places you have visited in Pakistan, let us know in the comment section.

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