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Australia Immigration from Pakistan without Job Offer 2019

Australia is the second country after Canada where the rate of immigration is very high. You can apply for Australia immigration from Pakistan without Job Offer. For this you do not need any agent or consultant, you can directly apply free immigration to Australia from anywhere. Moreover, you get a PR category visa on which you can live, work, and sponsor your family as well.

Australia Immigration from Pakistan Without Job Offer

According to new Australian immigration policy each year 190,000 people are selected to enter Australia. Out of these seats, only 128,000 seats are reserved for people who have some skills. In 128,000 seats there are 48,250 seats reserved for people who have any kind of job offer from Australia. For the people without job offers, there are 33,990 seats called Skilled Independent Sub Class 189.

Same like Sub Class 189 there is another quote in which includes 28,000 seats for people without job offer known as Provincial Nominee program.

Who can immigrate to Australia?

Anyone can immigrate to Australia if he or she is a businessman, investor, have skills or have a family member already settled in Australia. For the people with skills, there are maximum chances for immigration to Australia.

How to Apply for Immigration to Australia?

In this article, we will only discuss how to apply for Sub-Class 189 and Skilled-Nominated Visa 190.

  • First of all, you will need to visit the Official Website of the Australian Government and look for the skill that you have and is also in high demand in Australia. There are almost 174 categories in which you can apply without any job offer. In the list, there will be skills and categories under which you can apply for the job. If you are applying without a job offer, then you will need to look at the “189” in the visa category section.

australia immigration from pakistan without job offer

  • After you find your preferred occupation, you will have to note down the “Assessing Authority” in the last column relevant to your occupation. (TRA. NAATI, SPA, OCANZ, etc)

  • After that click on the page HERE, and find the Assessing Authorities in the search box. Once you have found your Assessing Authority, click on the link in front of them. This will take you the official website of the Authority. At the website, click on the “Online Portal” option and enter the information that they ask you to enter.

immigrate to australia 2

  • Assessing Authority will collect all of your documents and information and after that give you feedback to apply for the visa or not. The authority will provide you with a secret code, that is important to file your visa application.
  • After the assessment, you can apply for the visa application under Sub-Class 189. For this, you will have to create an account on immigration Australia. This is also known as an expression of interest in which you have to score a minimum of 65 points.

Finally, this is how you can apply for Australia immigration without any job letter from Pakistan. For Assessment, let us know in the comment section below.

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