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How to Apply for Australia Business Visa from Pakistan

We know that most of know about the different business visa schemes regarding Canada and UK. But the Australia Business Visa without sponsor will be a new thing to most of you. Yes, we are going to discuss doing business in Australia without the need of any sponsor or investment. Moreover, you do not need any big bank statements of higher education to apply for this visa type. That is not all, the IELTS score required is pretty low then you might expect. We will discuss with you Australia business visa requirements and application procedure in this article.

What is Australia Business Visa without Sponsor

If we talk in detail about the Australia Business Visa Scheme, then SISA (Supporting Innovation in South Australia) is a start-up business visa. This visa comes under the Sub-Class 408 in which you get a 3 years visa.

After getting this visa, you will have to settle in South Australia for a minimum time period of 3 years. In those 3 years, you will need to carry out a start-up business in Australia. In other words, you may also call it a business owner visa Australia as well.

Business Visa Australia Requirements

Below are the main requirements for Australia Business Visa Scheme from Pakistan

  • Your age must not be more than 45 years.
  • A minimum IELTS score of 5.0 (General Module). Yes, you just need to pass General Module of IELTS. You do not need any Academic module for a business visa in Australia.
  • There are no such educational requirements for this visa type. You can apply for this visa even if you have passed FA/FSC. But we recommend that you should apply if you have passed at least BA (Bachelors).

Business Visa Australia Cost

If we talk about the financial requirements to apply for this visa, then you do not need any high amount to declare.

  • You must only show the amount in your personal bank account. All you need is to show $20,000 AUD in your personal account. Yes, you can lend this money from your friends and relative from time to time to develop your bank statement. If you are travelling with your Wife and Children, then you will need to show at least $35,000 AUD in your personal bank account. You will need to show the source of money as well that how you got this money.

In Which Sectors You Cannot Apply Under this Visa?

The sectors like restaurants, takeaways, agencies, retail shop, etc are not included under this business visa scheme. You must present an innovative business idea in Australia.


How to Apply Under New Business Visa of Australia?

There are basically two main steps to apply for a Business visa Australia Permanent scheme. 

  1. The first step is to get an endorsement on your business plan from the Australian Government. As this visa scheme is not point-based, therefore, the endorsement from the South Australian Government acts same like an issued visa to Australia. First, you will need to APPLY ONLINE and submit all the required documents. After reviewing your application, you will get an endorsement from the South Australian Government.
  2. After getting the endorsement, you will just need to apply for a visa through the Australian Embassy in Pakistan.

Finally, the Australia business visa without sponsor or investment is a great opportunity for those who have low education. From our view, this visa is more secure than the student or other non-immigrant visas. We recommend it for those who are married and have kids. From 2019, you might be able to call your family members to Australia without any difficulties.



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