How To Apply For Uk Visa From Pakistan

How To Apply For UK Visa From Pakistan

There are large numbers of people who want to go to United Kingdom for pursuing various purposes. These purposes could be study, work, visit, business, family or friends or any other. One of the main reasons for getting UK visa is the study purpose. Studying in the foreign countries is getting popular among Pakistani students.Students,who want to study in UK,will get all details here. Apart from students, there is also complete guidance for work visa and visit visa for UK. Those visiting UK can get visa of different types and each of these visas come with different limitations and restrictions.Requirements for different visa types also vary and may include variations like age, courses taken, profession chosen, duration, organization to attend etc. Before you apply for visa, it is an essential thing that you must consider the requirements and process for each type of visa.Among multiple types of visas there are student visas including prospective visas which are for 6 months. This is the visa for applicants who are not sure about the institute where they will be studying in the future. There are rules newly made in the United Kingdom where there are chances for switching your status to being a student.With restriction of 20 per week working hours students are now allowed to work in UK while studying.

How To Apply For UK Visa From Pakistan

Students going to UK can manage to get cheap accommodation. It is however better to get recommendation from the institution for providing on campus accommodation. In order to get your visa processing be faster one, it is better to take proper advice as per the purpose and duration of staying in UK. In case your visa is refused there is an option for appeal.


Following are the documents that you need to provide for sure;

  • Current passport
  • Any authentic travel identification in case of no current passport
  • Evidence of support during stay like pay slips, bank statements from last six months
  • Blank page in passport that should be blank from both sides to enter visa details
  • Certified translated documents i.e. those not in English/welsh
  • There are also other documents for which you should refer to complete list.

Following are the additional documents as per different purposes of travelling that would be required relating to;

  • Medical treatment
  • Visiting as organ donor
  • Sabbatical leave for staying over 12 months
  • Being an entrepreneur for business dealings
  • Taking PLAB test
  • Going in transit to country outside UK

These documents are to be sent to the address mentioned on the embassy site. After submission of applications, original documents are sent back to applicants and copies are kept by the embassy. Other required information includes following;

  • Dates you are planning and duration of travel to UK
  • Details relating to where they will stay during their visit
  • Expected cost of the trip
  • Current residential address and duration of residence in this house
  • Name of parents
  • DOB
  • Earnings per year

There are some other details to provide that include following;

  • Travel history details for last 10 years that should be as per those mentioned in the passport
  • Address of employer along with telephone number
  • Name & address of person supporting your trip (if any)
  • Name of partner, his/her DOB & passport number
  • Name address & passport number details of family members residing in UK
  • Particulars about civil, immigration or criminal offences committed by the applicant


If you want to as how to apply for UK visa from Pakistan you need to know how to qualify for travelling to UK as student. Following are the details that you must accept relating to your study at;

  • Public funded organization for further studies or for higher education such as a university
  • Private institution for education
  • Independent school
  • You will be required to ensure that you will follow;
  • Recognized complete degree course
  • Weekday course including minimum 15 hours study/week
  • You have sound resources for paying charges of your education plus have a support for accommodating yourself plus your dependents without any need to work or without seeking help from any public funds
  • Your plans for leaving UK after completion of your studies

Required documents for UK student visa are as following;

  • IELTS with minimum 6 with minimum score of 5 in each module
  • Visa fee
  • Valid passport
  • Test report for tuberculosis
  • Filled and signed visa application
  • 5 photographs (passport size) with tie and white background
  • Original documents of your education in 2 sets
  • Certificate of English proficiency
  • 2 reference letters issued by the university
  • Acceptance letter as confirmation
  • Bank statement for last 28 days of personal bank account of student along with a letter form bank manager
  • Balance amount in the account must be enough for covering fee for one year along with relevant living expenses


It is important to understand that metric & intermediate certificates need to get certified from relevant board. These must also be attested by the Foreign-affairs office and by IBCC. Graduation or Master`s degree should be certified from relevant university. These should also attested by higher education commission plus officers of foreign affairs.

How to apply

Under this section you will get to know about fees of visa application for students from Pakistan as well as Afghanistan. Pakistani students who apply for student visa, they will attend an interview where majority of students get rejected mostly because of their English ineligibility and also for incomplete documents. As per a report about 20 percent of students applying for visa turn out to be ineligible. Student visa is of 2 types

  • Tier for student visa
  • Visitor student visa

Visitor student visa is for a shorter duration, mainly for academic courses. Tier for visa covers education over longer span of time. So students need to be clear about their educational duration requirements. First of all students are required to ensure the institute or university where they are registered along with their department for studying. There should be a formal letter of acceptance from school or the University of UK where they want to study.During this process, students will contact admission office of particular educational organizations for fulfilling admission requirements. These students are provided with acceptance letter indicating fulfillment of all admission requirements by applicant. This acceptance letter is an indication by the university that it is willing to allow that student to study there.In the next step you need to submit an application online on visa for UK after filling it completely. It must also come with proof of fee submission that would mark the completion of this step.Completion of this step marks beginning of 3rd step that covers sending complete application by the student to British Embassy to get approval. After this, the time is for getting application approved by British Embassy. If application of student is approved, his/her visa will be stamped and he will be provided with visa details upon his/her passport at airport.


In order to know how to apply for UK visa form Pakistan you need to apply following below steps;

Step 1

To get information about UK visas you need to visit website of UK government. This website also provides details for applying online for UK visa.

Step 2

For completing application process, one need to book & attend appointment at visa application center located in Islamabad, Lahore, Mirpur and Karachi. All of these visa applicants must book appointment before submission of their applications.More information can be found on appointment booking including information about checklist pages.

Step 3

When it is your appointment day, you need to plan your arrival at least fifteen minutes earlier at visa center. Get along with you your application document plus pack of application with passport, colored photograph for students exempted from biometrics, there should be evidence of payment of application fee plus valid CNIC. Upon arrival at application center a person gets a token as a turn identity. When your turn comes, they will call token number so that you can go and make application. You must hold-on your receipts because these are to be provided later on when collecting documents.

  1. An important thing to understand is about non-settlement applications.

Submit all supporting documents then get set of photocopies for all document and submit to enrollment clerk.After submission of applications, it is not allowed to further submit documents at visa application center. Only those documents will be considered that are submitted at time of submitting application.An initiative by embassies is the scanning process that is initiated in application centers in Mirpur, Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. This scanning process is for following categories;

  • UK ancestry
  • BRP for lost applications
  • EEA applications
  • PBS applications

Original documents are returned by enrollment clerk after witnessing. The only set retained by them is the photocopy set.

  1. Settlement applications

Scanning process for documents supporting settlement is introduced in Mirpur, Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad visa application centers. This application scanning process will decide where you will send supporting documents.

  1. Submission of supporting documents

Applicant or his/her sponsor or representative  should send complete application package. This must be delivered within two weeks of enrollment of biometric information. Relevant information includes following;

  • Stamped and self-addressed envelope/prepaid return as self-addressed envelope for returning original documents
  • Provided GWF reference when application made submitted
  • Printed copies of photos and application form
  • Complete additional documents to support application. These documents include documents originating from UK, such as evidence of accommodation & maintenance.

Valuable documents for example marriage & birth certificates are returned. But for this photocopies must have been supplied of these documents. Documents like bank statements, correspondence records and photographs are not returned. These will be held in UKVI of these relate directly to visa decision. In order to get back your supporting documents, you must send photocopies of all these documents along with sending original documents. If documents are not photocopied then officials may consider original to be final ones and use these for processing and hence these are not returned.

Documents must be arranged as following;

  • Application form & appendix 2
  • Evidence of English language
  • Documents showing relationship status
  • Documents relating to maintenance
  • Accommodation documents

After deciding, passport is sent to VAC for making application.Original documents are returned to address mentioned on self-addressed envelope. EEA and PBS applications with supporting documents are submitted will set of photocopies of complete documents to enrollment clerk. Further documents cannot be submitted after submission of application at respective visa application-center. Submitted documents while making application are the only to be considered documents. Original documents are returned by the enrollment clerk after he/she has witnessed. He/she will accept only photocopy set with application.

Step 4

Photograph and fingerprints should be enrolled at visa application center.There is a finger scanning procedure that uses electronic scanner. There is no chemical, liquid and no ink.

  • Make sure that fingers are free of any decorations for example any marks of henna, abrasions, markings or cuts as such marks may affect ability for providing acceptable scans for fingerprints
  • Full face should be covered in digital photograph and you must not be wearing tinted spectacles or sunglasses
  • You head must not be covered unless for religious reasons or for medical reasons
  • Face must be visible clearly without any hairs split across eyes.
  • Digital photograph should be taken showing complete face. There should be no sunglasses/tinted spectacles. You must not as well cover or head unless worn for religious/medical reasons
  • Face needs to be clearly visible withoutany hair across both eyes

Visa is not processed if biometric information is not processed.

Step 5

Passport or application as received at the Gerry`s VAC can be easily collected either personally or via a representative

Personal collection

Applicants can collect applications in person by providing following documents

  • Original ICR slip of Gerry
  • Clearly readable valid CNIC copy of applicant
  • Clear Tazkira copy for applicants from Afghanistan
  • In case of applicants below 18 years of age, there should be copy of birth certificate/FCR/B Form

Third party collection

Applicants can also allow their representatives to collect documents on their behalf. However following documents are a must;

  • There should be authority letter issued by the applicant
  • Original Gerry ICR slip
  • Valid CNIC copy clearly showing signature of applicant
  • Authority letter should be with same signatures like those on CNIC of applicants
  • Valid copy of representative`s CNIC
  • Consent letter issued by other parent in case of the parents will collect documents for children below 18 years
  • Copy of Birth certificate/Form/FRC showing complete details of child & parents
  • Applicant must also give its original CNIC to the authorized representative

Loss of Gerry`s slip

In case ICR slip of Gerry is lost, applicant need to personally come along with below mentioned documents;

  • Affidavit on the stamp paper that should be duly attested from oath commissioner/notary public and should be mentioning that ICR receipt is lost
  • Request statement for returning processed application or passport should state that in case lost receipt is found, it cannot be used for claiming collected passport or application and must be returned to concern VAC of Gerry.
  • Applications` routing for delivery of these to further VACs
  • Applications processed cannot be again routed from one center to another unless it is recommended by UKVI
  • Processed application or passport must be collected from the concerned VACs of Gerry on all working days of Pakistan from Mon-Fri between 08:00 AM to 17:00 PM.

Original slip of ICR is retained by concerned VAC of Gerry. In case of need by applicant, they are provided by the stamped copy. Authorized person or applicant itself will sign declaration as a proof of their satisfaction regarding collection of documents and passport.


In order to know as how to apply for UK visa from Pakistan for those who want to get a work permit visa, requirements are almost same as that of other types of visa. If you intend to get a work permit, you need to clearly specify the organization where you will be working along with a consent letter from the organization. Another thing to consider is to provide proof of your ability to manage your living in UK if you are seeking work permit to search for a job in UK. Before applying make sure to get a certificate for sponsorship from the sponsoring employer. Work permit visa application procedure is supervised by employer responsible for providing sponsorship certificate for the applicant. This certificate is a necessary thing otherwise you will not be allowed to get work permit. Minimum duration for getting permanent residence by work permit holders is 5 working years in UK. There are different categories of workers mentioned as tiers that also play a role in deciding the benefits to be availed by the applicants for work permits. Rest of the requirements and procedure for application submission and processing is almost same as for above types.

Follow the guideline and make sure completion of each and every step to ensure that you get UK visa.

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    How long does it take for a Visa to be issued and passport delivered back in Pakistan , My daughter Mehrunisa Khan appeared for an interview and submitted applications and document for a One Year Foundation Course at Manchester on 13 August 2018 , appointment was at 11.30 am . The application submitted under Urgent Fee Cover . When can we expect to get the passport back from Abu Dhabi after their action since after that necessary Hotel Accommodation in Manchester for the initial few days have to be reserved . Traveling on 3rd September via Emirates and Student Accommodation will not be available before 8 September . Grateful if you could kindly give an estimated date when we can get her passport back , hopefully after being accorded the Visa .

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    • Uk Embassy states that Your passport is issued along with visa within a week or two. However, it depends upon the country in which the Embassy of UK is situated. For Abu Dhabi, you might get your passport back before 30 August 2018

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    How long does it take for a Visa to be issued and passport delivered back in Pakistan , My daughter Mehrunisa Khan appeared for an interview and submitted applications and document for a One Year Foundation Course at Manchester on 13 August 2018 , appointment was at 11.30 am . The application submitted under Urgent Fee Cover . When can we expect to get the passport back from Abu Dhabi after their action since after that necessary Hotel Accommodation in Manchester for the initial few days have to be reserved . Traveling on 3rd September via Emirates and Student Accommodation will not be available before 8 September . Grateful if you could kindly give an estimated date when we can get her passport back , hopefully after being accorded the Visa .

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