turkey student visa for pakistan 2018

Apply for Turkey Student Visa from Pakistan 2018

Turkey is known for its rich culture and historic places throughout the world. You cannot ignore the beauty of Istanbul, once you witness it. Besides, the culture, ancient history and scenic landscapes, Turkey is also known for its high-quality education. A great thing about Turkish educational institutes is that they offer the best to an international student. Moreover, low cost of living makes Turkey one of the cheapest countries to study. For Pakistani students, it’s super easy to get Turkish student visa. Today we will let you know how to apply for Turkey student visa from Pakistan.

Why study in Turkey?

Well, there are several reasons to study in Turkey.

  • First and the most common reason is that cost of living in Turkey. Expenses are very less in Turkey as compared to European countries.
  • The economy of Turkey is strong, this allows more growth opportunities to International students who complete their degrees.
  • You explore something new each time you visit a new place.
  • If you learn Turkish language, then life will be much easier.

apply for turkey student visa from pakistan

Which are the best universities in Turkey for Engineering

There are a a lot of universities to choose from, however, some of the best institutes in Turkey related to Engineering and other fields are

  • Sabanci University Istanbul
  • Istanbul Technical University
  • Bogazici University
  • Bilkent University
  • Koc University

Apply for Turkey Student Visa from Pakistan

In order to apply for student visa of Turkey, you need to fulfil the following criteria

Acceptance Letter from Turkish Institutes

Just like the most of the other countries, the first step in applying a Turkish student visa is to get your acceptance letter from the university. At the time of admission, universities might ask you for educational documents and IELTS certificate. So, it is important to make a scanned copy of your educational documents.

Furthermore, you will be asked to submit your tuition fee for the one year. At the universities admission page, you will get all the instruction about submitting your fee from Pakistan.

Prepare your Bank Statement

Get your bank statement of the last six months. It is important that bank statement should be in the name of the applicant. For Turkey, there should be minimum of 10 Lac PKR amount in your bank.

Other documents

  • It is important to get a medical certificate from a government hospital in Pakistan. For more details about the medical exam, you can contact at the Turkish Embassy in Pakistan
  • Police clearance certificate is important from the Police Station in your locality.
  • Passport should be valid for at least 90 days.
  • Four pictures with white background.

Visit Gerry’s Office

You will need to take all of the above-specified document to Gerry’s Office . The visa fee is around $50 for a single entry visa. It takes around 1 to  2 months to get your visa approved. Please note that from Pakistan, you get a travel visa to Turkey. Once you are in Turkey, you university will help you extend your visa according to the duration of the study.

Finally, this was the easiest way on how to apply for turkey student visa from Pakistan. If you have any query in mind regarding visa, then let us know in the comment section.

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    • No, on a tourist visa you cannot convert to study status. However, you can visit a university and apply for an admission if they do so. After that, you will still need to go back to Pakistan and visit Turkish Embassy along with admission letter to get a study visa.

  1. hello sir/madam
    i want to do engineering on scholarship in turkey.so kindly guide me what to do.
    how to apply for admission on scholarship basis?

  2. Hi iam serious to apply for student visa for Turkey.
    I just need to ask some more information. Could you please send me your contact details.

  3. I got accepted to METU Ankara university on 100% tuition waiver. So I do not have any tuition fee. So, my bank statement would not need to show the amount required for tuition, right?

    Also, the university says that once I go to Turkey I will need a health insurance that I can get from General Health Insurance service once I get the residence permit. So, is it still necessary that I get a health insurance from Pakistan before I go? I am confused because the Turkish embassy says that I need to have a travel health insurance certificate for the Visa.

    • Yes, travel health and Formal health insurance are two different things. Travel insurance will not cost you more than 11 Thousand Pakistani Rupees. It is the requirement of Embassy. Whereas Health insurance is the requirement for your stay in Turkey.

  4. Respected Admin,
    I just want to know about the amount for bank statement. you have mentioned that there should be minimum of 10 Lac PKR amount in your bank. If a person gets 50%scholarship then how much amount will be required for bank statement?

  5. Hello having a Business account statement the transactions are really healthy but but because of regular transactions the amount varies. Currently it has less than 5lac. Will it be acceptable?

  6. Hello applying for visa. My insurance states that it will start on 1sept and end on 1 dec. its a 92days visa. But my e-ticket is of 5th sept. Which calculates to 87days insurance left. Will it matter during the visa process?

  7. Dear Admin !
    I need your guidance regarding studying in Turkey.
    Can I go on study and work visa ??? So I will be able to support my studies and living on my own.

  8. Hello admin. I have applied for turkey visa. If i got in and go to turkey. Can i apply for work permit there? Am i allowed to work? If yes what type of jobs are available for students there. Thankyou in advance.

  9. Hello admin. I have applied for turkey visa. And might get a call soon. If i get in, am i allowed to work in istanbul, turkey? If yes what type of work is available for students there? Thanks in advance,

  10. Assalam o allykum sir. .sir what are the chances of getting turkish student visa? I have applied for turkish student visa on 31st august. .how much days they will normally take to give visa .

  11. How much time does turkish embassy takes to give student visa? What are the chances or ratio of turkish student visa for pakostani students?

      • Today I have recieved the call from gerry’s office. They said your passport has arrived you can collect it from the office but they didnt tell anything about wheather my visa has accepted or rejected. .

  12. Dear sir, I am seeking to get admission for mbbs in Turkey. Sir kindly, can you guide me about fee structures of different universities and student visa expenses?

  13. You mentioned getting into a good university raises the chances of getting a Turkish Student Visa, are Istanbul Bilgi University and Istanbul Sehir University good?


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