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How to Apply for Russia Student Visa from Pakistan | Easy Steps

Well everyone knows that Russia offers high-quality standards of education in engineering and medical. Russia is a growing economy that offers great growth opportunities for International students. Russia offers need as well as performance-based scholarships to International students. From the past 3 years, students in Pakistan are moving to Russia to get a high-quality education. To help more students, we have gathered data from Pakistani students in Russia and experts to disclose with you the easy way to apply for Russia Student visa from Pakistan.

apply for russia student visa from pakistan

Why study in Russia?

There are a lot of reasons to study in Russia as an International student.

  • One of the best reasons to choose Russia is that it offers citizenship to All you need to do is to follow a simple procedure to get citizenship. First, you get your TR (Temporary residence) which leads you towards getting PR (Permanent Residence).
  • Living and education standard in Russia is very high. For example, if you spend 4000 GBP in England for education, then you only need to spend 1000 GBP in Russia for one year.
  • The transportation system in Russia is best and affordable for students.
  • Russian Culture is adaptive towards foreigners. People are very friendly and caring.


How to Apply for Russia Student Visa from Pakistan

If you are interested to study in Russia and have committed to learning Russia, then follow these steps we will discuss here. Whenever you apply for a student visa the first process is to find a university to get an offer letter.

Russia student visa requirement for Pakistani Citizens

The requirements for Russian student visa from Pakistan is simple and easy

  • The first step is to get enrolled in an International University in Russia. We recommend you to choose universities in St.Petersburgh and Moscow. There are a lot of Pakistani students in these cities that might help you once you are in Russia.
  • Once you will choose your intended programs, you will be offered acceptance letter. Now you will need to attest your educational documents from IBCC/HEC and Ministry of foreign affairs. It is important to translate your educational documents into the Russian language before you present them at Russian Embassy.
  • The most important step is to get your visa invitation letter FMS (Federal migration services). You can get an invitation letter from an agent or a travel company in Russia. You can get a paid or free invitation letter. It is better to get a paid visa invitation letter of Russia. One of the trusted sources is Russianvisahelp agency that offers this service for $20. However, you can also get this invitation letter for free from your university. You need to contact your university through email and ask them to send you an invitation letter.
  • In Pakistan, you need to prepare your supporting documents like a bank statement, police character certificate, HIV test certificate, medical fitness certificate

Get to Russian Embassy in Pakistan

  • Once your supporting documents are complete, it’s time to apply for Russia student visa from Pakistan by getting an appointment from Embassy.
  • You will need to fill the visa application form first. Download the Russia student visa application form and fill it carefully.
  • Once you are an embassy, you need to provide all the details including the visa form, 4 Photographs, offer letter, Bank statement, and other supporting documents.
  • A short interview will be conducted by the visa officer regarding your purpose to study in Russia. Your visa decision is taken right at the spot. After that, you will be asked to submit the visa processing fee. The Russian student visa fee for Pakistani citizen is around Rs. 2100 for Single Entry Visa. Also, there is no visa fee if your visa gets rejected.
  • You get a minimum of 3 months visa from Pakistan to enter Russia. After that, your university will help you to extend your visa for one year.

The Barrier for International Students in Russia

There is only one single barrier to international students, and that is a language barrier. As an international student in Russia, you need to learn and speak Russian. People in Russia love to conversate in the Russian language. If you will learn Russian language, then your future is bright in Russia. Otherwise, if you cannot learn the Russian language, we advise you not to choose Russia an International student.

Finally, this was an easy process in order to apply for Russia student visa from Pakistan. Hope you find this information handy. If you have any questions regarding Russia visa, leave them in the comment section below

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  1. I want to take admission in Russia for MBBS program on scholarship can u guide me about that how can I apply Russian visa

    • All the details are present in this article. However, if you want to apply for MBBS program, then you should first search a medical college in Russia

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